Film Review: Veeran

 Veeran starring Hip Hop Adhi directed by V K Saravan hits screens on June 2nd.

In a small village called Veeranur, a young boy Kumaran ( Hip Hop Adhi) is hit by lightening. He goes away to Singapore with relatives for treatment and returns 14 years later. 

He gets visions and has a superpower of making electric arcs with his fingers and also mind control, now. He gets entangled in a  cable project in his village in which  he sees great danger to the people, as per a recurring vision. The project is run by London based evil scientist, Sharad ( Vinay Rai ) who has nefarious plans via his brother's Dhruv's ( R Badree) corporate company. The duo run into a problem when Kumaran tries to convince people of Veeranur to stall the project.

To do this,  Kumaram uses his secret super powers to generate electricity, and convinces people that the Veeran deity at the village outskirts, is out to protect them from scheming corporates and their greedy henchmen. In this he is aided by his best friends ( Sasi, Adhira).

Does Kumaran succeed in stalling the evil plans of Sharad?

The film is something to be enjoyed putting logic away,  as is the director's trademark, with humor taking centrestage. 

The super power scenes of Kumaran are enjoyable, and Hip Hop Adhi pulls them off to perfection. Be it scenes on the horse,  one with Munushkanth and Kaali Venkat or the the ones with R Badree the comedy quotient keeps you entertained. 

Another highlight of the film is the way the various smaller characters have been presented, giving them ample screen time, taking us through both enjoyable and emotional moments. Adhi never tries to steal the show,  and therein lies the film's strength.

Vinay Rai as Sharad plays the cold blooded character perfectly whilec R Badree as Dhruv is a delight to watch as he shifts between tough baddie and a hypnotised character eliciting laughs instead of terror.

The film touches upon science, superstition, corporate greed, blind faith, super powers, human greed, friendship and social good, all laced with streaks of humor in typical Saravan style. The songs are peppy, the visuals are neat and each significant character stays in memory. 

An all out summer family entertainer.

Rating 3.5 /5

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