Movie Review : Raakadhan

 Raakadhan hits screens on July 21st.

Arjun is an aspiring model who is forced to do odds jobs in order to get his sister married. But one day he lands up at an agency to be trained as a model. Everything goes well  till an enemity between him and his mentor Butthi, creeps in due to envy at Arjun's rising prospects. 

When Arjun gets murdered, a cop, Ajmal (Vamshi Krishna) gets charge of the case.  He tries to find out who is behind his murder.  He finds out that Arjun had been working as a gigolo for the MD ( Riyaz Khan) who was running this service as well as drugs, for rich clients as side business as well. 

Who is the muderer? Is it Alex, Arjun's friend but rival who was in love with his girlfriend?

The film seeks to highlight that is not just girls who are exploited but also boys face such issues when they want to join the glamor industries like modelling, perhaps, seeking to be an eye opener for people to be on the look out and avoid falling into such traps which takes them towards prostitution, drugs and other illicit means that ruin their lives. 

Riyaz Khan plays his part really well as the explotative boss while Sanjana Singh is effective in a brief appearance as a tough cookie businesswoman.

The leads have played their parts well, showcasing the innocence, the  illusions of the modeling world and the final disillusionment. The emotions, friendships and squabbles are well portrayed.

Vamshi Krishna as the cop is impressive in his performance.

The makers have tried to put their best for forward with a different and unusual storyline, trying to convey a message. 

Director : Dinesh Kalaiselvan

  • Vamsi Krishna. as Ajmal.
  • Riyaz Khan. as Austin.
  • Dinesh Kalaiselvan. as Alex.
  • Vignesh Baskar. as Arjun.
  • Gayathiri Rama. as Ananya.
  • Chaams. as Manimaaran.
  • Sanjana Singh. as Sanjana.
  • Nizhalgal Ravi. as Ravi Varman.

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