“Malayalam movies for satisfaction and Telugu movies for commercial success” - Actress Vasundhara’s new resolution

“I would like to explore and exhibit my strength as a performer in negative roles” - Actress Vasundhara

Actress Vasundhara  made her debut in Tamil cinema as one of the 5 heroines in Veteran filmmaker SP Jhananathan’s ‘Peranmai’. Although she was one of the 5 female lead actresses, she was highly noticed for her natural and spontaneous performance as a bubbly girl. He ability to choose the unique roles that offers has substantial prominence and has won her the attention of cinema lovers, and she has consistently managed to wow us with her spellbinding performances. 

The year 2023 has been yet another feather on her cap, as she established her acting prowess in movies Kannai Nambathey and Thalaikkoothal and Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Modern Love Chennai’. With her adeptness in delivering remarkable performances in unique roles, the actress has scored brownie points. Moreover, the forthcoming year looks promising for her as she has changed her course in selecting different projects. 

Actress Vasundhara says, “I always expect challenging roles, but if I am going to stick with the plan of just performing the female lead, then I would be able to act in only one movie a year. But when performing different and contrastive roles, we get excited as an artiste for there will be more scope to perform. Tamil cinema has always given unending opportunities for the female actors to play negative characters.” 


“Gone are those days, when actors playing negative roles would be seen with the same image by the people, but the tastes and perceptions have changed now. Audiences have become more rational, thereby enjoying all the characters, and showing their appreciation. I am a great fan of Ramya Krishnan, who has won praise for both positive and negative characters and would like to follow her traits. Of course, rather than playing a lady of pathos and pain, it’s always exciting to play a stubborn and rigid antagonist. 

Henceforth, I will be showing more interest and focus on commercial movies hereafter. Likewise, I am now playing a negative role in a multi-starrer movie, which is a modern crime drama revolving around female characters. 

There are many twists and turns in this movie, and I will be one among them. Lakshmi Narayanan Raju, director of the “Pub Goa” web series is directing this movie. Besides, I am acting in a commercial movie, and the official announcement will be made by the respective producer soon. 

Tamil Industry is my home, but to exhibit my potential as a complete actress, I am prepared to act in other regional languages as well. In particular, I am looking forward to acting in Telugu and Malayalam movies. Every time, I watch a Malayalam movie, I get envious of not getting such roles, as I strongly desire to perform such characters. Initially, I got good offers in the Telugu industry, but unfortunately, I missed them due to some reasons. I would like to act in Malayalam movies for soul satisfaction and in Telugu movies for career growth. 

This year has been special as three of my movies got released, and there will be a couple of releases for next year,” says Vasudhara.

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