Movie Review : Parking

 IT exec Eeshwar ( Harish Kalyan) and his pregnant wife Athika ( Indhuja) take a house on rent on the first floor in a quiet lane. Their neighbours below, are a family of a government official  Ilamparuthy (MS Bhasker)  and his wife ( Rama) and daughter.

The two families get on smoothly till one day Eshwar buys a car and parks it in the lone garage, next to his neighbours old bike.

Soon, a tiff takes place between the duo over parking issues.  What starts out as a simple ego clash, spirals out of control to life- threatening levels, with both men going to extreme lengths to hurt the other. Each is determined to get the upper hand. 

What happens  to them? How do their actions impact their families? Do things ever return to normal ?

Debut director Ramkumar Balakrishnan deserves kudos for an unusual storyline, supported by good writing and  a tightly knit, racy screenplay that keeps you rivetted right till the end.

 MS Bhasker and Harish Kalyan deliver superlative performances, complementing each other's every move, and successfully carrying the movie on their shoulders. Among the list of career best performances for both  actors. 

Indhuja Ravichandran does a neat job at Athika as the growingly anxious wife bearinv the brunt of the conflict. Actors Rama Rajendra and Aparna add value with their powerful performances as well.

The visuals complement the story and the location itself takes on a character of its own.  There is no unnecessary deviation from the main track of the story, which is shown to develop  organically, with one clash leading to another, as each plots the others downfall.

Parking is a must- watch, thrilling, cat and mouse revenge drama, with a superb, much- needed message for today's society, hitting screens on Dec 1.

Rating 4 / 5

Movie Title:Parking
Producer:Sudhan Sundaram(Passion Studios)
Producer:KS Sinish
Written And Directed: Ramkumar Balakrishnan


Harish Kalyan(Eswar)


MS Bhaskar(Ilamparuthi)

Rama Rajendra(Selvi)

Prathana Nathan(Abarna)


Music: Sam CS
DOP: Jiju Sunny
Editing:Philomin Raj
Art: NK Rahul
Action: Dinesh Kasi,Phoenix Prabhu
Costumes: Sher Ali
Lyrics: Sam CS, Vishnu Edavan
Executive Producer : T Murugesan
Sound Mixing:Rajakrishnan M.R
Sound Design: Sync Cinema
Digital Promotions:Beatroute, Karthik Ravivarma
PRO:Suresh Chandra, Rekha D'One

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