Movie Review : Mathimaran


Venkat Senguttuvan - Nedumaran

Ivana - Mathi
Aradhya - Prabhavathy
MS Baskar - sundharam
Aadukalam narein - kattabomman
Bava chelladurai - karuppasamy
Sudharsan Govind- Sudharsan
Praveen Kumar - Chandran manickam
Director - Mantra Veerapandian
 Music : Karthik Raja
DOP : Parvez
Editor : Sathish Suriya
Banner - GS Cinema international
Producers - Gs cinema international
Release - Poppins studio
Pro - Yuvraaj 

The story revolves around the life of Nedumaran ( Venkat Senguttavan) and his twin sister Mathi ( Ivana). Their father  ( MS Bhasker) is a postman in the village.  He loves both the kids equally. Nedumaran has to face a lot of name calling and jokes due to his  height being affected by dwarfism, but somehow with the help of his twin, he gets past it, giving it back to people who make fun of him. 
One day however, the family's world comes crashing down when Mathi elopes with her professor. The parents commit suicide. Left alone, Maran somehow vows to find Mathi.

In the meanwhile, there are several murders of women reported in the city.  The police are unable to solve them. 
Does Maran find his sister? Who is behind the killings? What is the hidden link Maran discovers?
The film moves at two levels. It establishes the family aspect of the story and beautifully showcases the relationship beteeen the father and the twins, and also the bond between Mathi and Maran. The slice of life moments are engagingly brought out. 
Also, the constant stress Maran faces as the butt of jokes due to his height, and how it affects his life, but never brings down his spirit is, inspiring and touching. Kudos to the message the director has tried to convey at the end. 
The other aspect is deals with is the thriller element in the story,  which is fairly rivetting.

The film in its entirety seeks to drive home a positive message and at the same time puts forth a mirror to society on its judgemental and cruel behaviour with people who dont fit into its norms.
The performances are the mainstay. Senguttavan as Nedumaran does a fantastic job, aptly portraying every actor aspect of his emotional journey. Ivana as his twin leaves a mark.  MS Bhasker as always, is a delight to watch.  
The visuals are a pillar, right from the rural backdrop to the city house and other locations, all are easy on the eye and are well mounted.
On the flip side,  some of the scenes turn melodramatic and there are elements of over acting with the supporting cast. There is sometimes an inconsistency where it's not clear why the thriller part was even added to this slice of life film .. but then the title explains that its, basically the story of the siblings and their bond.
A different kind of story with a rivetting screenplay, good performances and a positive message.
 Rating 3/5

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