Film Review: Thugs

 Brinda master's,2nd film as director is,Thugs which released on Feb 24th in theatres. Producer, distributor Shibu Thameems's son Hrudhu Haroon debuts as hero in this prison break action drama. 

The entire film is set in a jail in Nagercoil where Hrudhu Haroon and Simha are incarcerated, along with several others. Both of them have a backstory.  RK Suresh plays a tough cop who beats up convicts mercilessly to instil fear and keep  the discipline in the jail. 

But despite it all, the prisoners plan a daring escape. Do they succeed? What happens to them?

The film also stars Anaswara Rajan , Munishkanth and Arun and Aravind, all of whom perform realistically. For Munishkanth it's a meaty role, different from his usual ones and he aces it. Simha plays the brooding, angry prisoner to perfection. The movie rests on the shoulders of Hrudhu who carries the  film effortlessly. Be it the action scenes or the emotional and romantic ones,  Hrudhu excels all the way making a solid entry into Kollywood. He is most credible in the tough action blocks, his lean, muscled frame, a mean machine that can wreak havoc. He proves, himself equally good as a dancer in the promo song during end credits.

Sam CS BGM is a solid pillar in the film and keeps you rivetted in the many tense stunt scenes which are aplenty.

Priyesh's camera captures the lights and shadows and innards of the prison, bringing it all to life with a solid color palette and angles. 

The pre -climax fight is something to watch out for,  with Sam CS's bgm elevating it even further.

Dialogues are less and action and expressions are more in this film.  

On the flip side,  the one too many action and fight scenes do get a tad repetitive. The continued jail environs start wearing one down.  

But the climax more than makes up for any lags as does the final promo song with its beats and energy.

A solid debut for Hrudhu Haroon in a rivetting action thriller with a well chosen cast,  by Brinda Gopal

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