Film Review : Agilan

 Director Kalyan Krishnan's, Seven Screen Productions, Jayam Ravi starrer Agilan hits screens on March 10th.

Agilan ( Jayam Ravi ) is a crane operator in the harbour. He holds a powerful position, as henchman, doing illegal activities for Paranthaman (Hareesh Peradi). He is helped by his lady love ( Priya Bhavani Shankar), a cop in the harbour police station.

Agilan has many enemies one of which is an upright intelligence officer ( Chirag Jani) who is determined to catch him redhanded.

But Agilan has a mission. His father Nandha (Jayam Ravi) was also working in the harbour. He was an upright man who was killed by greedy colleagues, when trying to repair a ship Tamilannai, to send free food to refugees stranded on an island. Agilan wants to revive the ship and follow in his father's footsteps. But the odds are stacked high against him. Does he succeed? 

The giant scale of the film , set in a harbour from start to finish is the highlight of the project. The inner workings of the harbour, the politics, the corruption, the greed and the power struggle that goes on is well captured. Hareesh Peradi is perfectly cast as the wily and powerful power centre in the harbour.

Jayam Ravi has worked hard for the role which is also plysically taxing,  with the several stunt scenes, combats, chases and fisticuffs. Jumping into huge ships ,operating giant cranes, he aces each scene, pulling it all off very credibly. His dialogue delivery lands as powerfully as his punches. Both as Nandha and Agilan, he brings out both worlds with panache. His physique, expressions and body language embody the sharp mind, stealth and power of Agilan as also the layers of his character. Ravi has worked to transform himself and it shows.

Chirag Jani  leaves a mark as the cop Gokul especially in the chase scene in the first half in the harbour where he tries to nab Agilan is outstandingly captured. The scene showcases the mind and planning of Agilan, and the tension keeps you rivetted.

Tanya Ravichandran makes a brief presence while Priya as the cop appears in key scenes, doing the needful. The women dont have very much to do. 

The film stays focused on its main subject with no frills like love songs nor comedy tracks, which works, but the constant action also can get a tad tough to handle. The camerawork by Vivek Anand Santhosham in capturing the port, sea, containers and shipyard is,fantastic. Combined with Sam CS' powerful bgm and editing by San Lokesh, all  act as pillars. Stunts, which are another mainstay of the film, are well excecuted.

On the flip side, the screenplay though racy, doesnt allow for any breathing time to take in and absorb some of the emotions of Agilan. A little more details about the charity work  by ships around the world would have helped to highlight the significance of what Agilan wants to do. 

Overall, the film which is made on a grand scale, with its rare insight into the workings  of a harbour (rarely seen  in Kollywood films), brings out the action side of Jayam Ravi in full on mode, while also disclosing nuggets of info regarding the powerful shipping trade. Shades of grey can be seen in characters all around, adding dimensions to the movie.  Kudos to the team for attempting something different. 


Jayam Ravi as Agilan,

Priya Bhavanishankar as Mathavi,                         

Tanya Ravichandran as Punitha,

Chirag Jani as Gokul Metha,                    

Tharun Arora as Kapoor,

Madhusudhan Rao as Jananathan,             

Harish Peradi as  Paranthaman,              

Harish Uthaman as   Nallaperumal,                   

Rajesh as Arasu,         

Tamil as Pasupathi,

Mime Gopi as Captain Singh 


Written & Direction -– N Kalyana Krishnan

Music –- Sam CS

DOP –- Vivek Anand Santhosam 

Editing -– N. Ganesh Kumar

Art –- R K Vijay Murugan

Stunt –- Miracle Micheal 

Lyrics –- Vivek

Dance –- Eswar Babu & M Sherif 

Audiography -– M R Rajakrishnan

II unit Director -– Annadurai Sekutty 

Co Director –- Sivakanth Sakkaravarthi 

Costume -– Pallavi singh

Stills –- Monolisa Mani 

Makeup – Surya Prakash 

Publicity Designer –- Thandora Chandru 

Production Executive –- AP Ravi  

Pro – - Nikil Murukan

Creative Head -– Pooja Priyanka 

Production Designer – K S Senthil Kumar 

Head Of Distribution – S. Kiran kumar 

Producer – Screen Scene Media Entertainment PVT LTD

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