Film Review : Deiva Machan

Actor Vemal returns in this comedy, a full on  family entertainer, Deiva Machan, directed by Martyn Nirmal Kumar. The film hit screens on April 21st.

Karthi ( Vemal) lives in a joint family with hi dad, sister and brother's family, in his village. His mother died when he was a kid. He, along with his dad and bro, want his sister Thaen (Anitha Sampath) to get married, and look for a suitable groom. But due to several reasons, nothing seems to click.

Karthi has a problem. He gets nightmares where a man on a horse predicts the death of people to him, and exactly the same happens.

But, when he finally finds the perfect groom for his sister, and all is going well,  the nightmare returns and a dire prediction is made. Will Karthi now be able to save the life of his 'machan'? Who are the enemies who will stop at nothing to ruin his sister's wedding?

Deiva Machan is a rib tickling comedy with an unusual storyline, which not only keeps you entertained but also keeps you guessing till the end, with unpreductable twists, all told with oodles of humor.

The humor quotient works due to good writing and solid performances, especially of Vemal (who shines all through and does full justice to his role),  Pandiarajan, and Bala Saravanan who all do their bit just right. Deepa is a bit loud in her act though. Naren will surprise you as will his Jamin family,  who keep the laughs coming.

The scenes wit Karthi and his machan are hilarious , as are those with his friend, family and the Jamin clan. The dialogues are not over the top nor indicate forced humor, which is a plus. Good visuals make for a pleasant watch. The film also has dollops of family sentiment and a strong friendship quotient amidst all the humor.

A racy screenplay, a good score by Ajish and lots,of  situational humor, all keep the entertainment factor high. 

A sound  entertainer that can be watched with family and friends this weekend. 

Cast :


Anitha Sampath-Kungumathean 

Pandiyarajan -Parandhaman 



Aadukalam Naren-Periya Jamin 

Vela Ramamoorthy-Saataikaaran 

Vathsan Veeramani-Azhagar 

Deepa Sankar -Manjula 

Kiccha Ravi- Mani mama 


Directed By Martyn Nirmal Kumar 

Screenplay by Martyn Nirmal Kumar & Vathsan Veeramani 


Dop-Camil J Alex 

Background Score -Ajeesh 


Art- Nithya 

Sound Mix T.Uday Kumar 

Stunts -Rambo Vimal 


Publicity Designs - Dinesh Ashok 

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