Film Review: Pichaikkaran 2

 The Vijay Antony starrer and his debut directorial, Pichaikkaran 2, hit theatres on May 19th. He is also the editor and music director of the film. 

Vijay Gurumoorthy ( Vijay Antony) is amongst India's topmost billionaires. Hema (Kavya Thapar) works for him and has a romantic attachment with him. 

Due to greed and lust for power, his 3 close aides hatch a plot to replace his brain via a latest surgery so that they can control  him and his wealth.

They get a pichaikkaran named Sathya and replace Vijays brain, killing off Sathya. But Sathya is not interested in the riches for he is searching for his biggest loss, his,sister Rani whom he lost as a child. The 3 aides end up getting killed by Sathya who has spent years in jail.

Sathya, wants his old life back.  But that's not easy as the entire power structure and vested interests stand in the way.  Will Sathya's secret be discovered? Will he get his lost sister back? What will happen to Gurumoorthy's wealth hounded by vested interests?

The highlights of the film are its rich making,  from beginning to end.  No stone is left unturned to show the power and money of the super affluent Gurumoorthy. 

The story is interrsting and the screenplay gripping till the last frame. 

Sentiment is on an all time high and works well for the film. 

The songs are a good mix of peppy, emotional and dramatic and the and BGM by Vijay Antony adds value.

The editing by Vijay Antony, is kept crisp and no scenes seem overdone, which works well in the film's favor.

The camerawork by Om Narayan and the color palettes for different parts of the film are well done,  adding value. 

There is good mix of emotion, humor, novel story, rich making, good music and good performances  by ever every cast member on screen, that makes the film an entertaining watch. 

Vijay Antony excels in portraying both characters  with aplomb. He conveys well the turmoil of Sathya, while handling the action and emotion scenes equally well. The court scene and the climax stand out.

Kavya Thapar does justice to her role.

There is no undue sidetrack of overdone humor or romance and Antony sticks to the story line in hand. 

On the flip side, a bit of the sentiment songs and scenes could have been cut down for an even more crisper feel. How come  nobody notices the transition of Gurumoorthy to Sathya, despite his being such a renowned figure? How he is  freely moving to the slum areas unguarded is not revealed.

Overall, Pichaikkaran 2 is a, family entertainer, with sound performances, a good social message, rich production value and engaging narration and screenplay which keeps you hooked till the end. Kudos to Vijay Antony the director.

Rating 3.5 /5

Cast & Crew:

Vijay Antony as Sathya and Vijay Gurumoorthy
Kavya Thapar as Hema
Dev Gill as Aravind
John Vijay as Ilango
Hareesh Peradi as Dr. Siva
Yogi Babu as Maddy
Y Gee Mahendra as Krishna Iyer
Datho Radha Ravi as Thambidurai
Mansoor Ali Khan as Gopal
Raja Krishnamoorthy as Dr. Mehta
Kathir as Kathir

Director, Music Director & Editor : Vijay Antony

Actors : Vijay Antony, Kavya Thapar, Dato Radha Ravi,  Y Gee Mahendran, Mansoor Ali Khan, Hareesh Peradi, John Vijay, Dev Gill, Yogi Babu
Production House : Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Producer : Fatima Vijay Antony
Line Producer : Sandra Johnson
Executive Producer : Naveenkumar.D
Production Manager : Krishnaprabhu
Cinematographer : Om Narayan
Associate Editor : Dhivaker Dennis
Recording Engineer : S Chandrasekhar
Mixed & Mastered @ AH Studio by : A.M Rahmathulla
Sound Designer : S Vijay Rathinam
DI @ GoodDevil Studios
DI Colourist : Kowshik KS
VFX @ GoodDevil Studios
VFX Artists : Kabali, Aadit Maran, Godwin
Tech Head : Janarthanan
Publicity Designer : Dhani Aelay
Art Director : Arusamy
Stylist : G Anusha Meenakshi
Dance Choreographers : Azar, Hari Kiran, Kalyan
Action Choreographers : Rajasekar, Mahesh Mathew
Digital Consultant : G. Balaji
Writers : Vijay Antony, K Palani, Paul Antony
Lyricist : Arun Barathi
Dialogue Writer : K Palani
Co-Directors : Sriram Ramathilagam, K Palani
Assistant Directors : E Yoganandhan, Prabu Kuppuswamy, Ajay Dhishan
CG : GoodDevil Studio, Knack studio, RPM studio, Real Works studio, Max studio, R Art Works, D Note studio, Lemon VFX
PRO : Suresh Chandra, Rekha D’one

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