Film Review: Mamannan

 The Vadivelu, Udhaynidhi Stalin, Fahad Faasil, Keerthy Suresh starrer, Mari Selvaraj's much awaited Maamannan hit theatres today on June 29th.

Athiveeran ( Udhaynidhi) had a traumatic incident as a teen which led to a breakdown of relations with his father Maamannan, ( Vadivelu) who is now an MLA. Veeran takes to adimurai and teaches the art to youth while rearing pigs as a hobby. He meets Leela, an activist, ( Keerthy Suresh) and the duo fall in love. 

But life takes a different turn when a local sadistic politoco, Ratnavelu ( Faahad Faasil)'s brother ( Sunil) destroys the free teaching centre Leela had set up in Athiveeran's adimurai school. One thing leads to another, and due to Ratnavelu's egotistical  actions, and caste based politics, Athiveeran soon discovers an unseen facet of his father, which leaves him stunned and heartbroken,  melts his anger towards his father ( whom he has never spoken to in 15 years) and brings him closer to his dad. He is quick to retaliate to injustice. But Ratnavelu is hell bent on wreaking revenge and keeping the upper hand. 

What happens next? Does Athiveeran manage to protect  Maamannan and his family? How does he get justice for his father and his people?

The superlative performance of Vadivelu in a, serious role  in his stupendous comeback vehicle, is the highlight of the film.  The gravitas he brings with his presence is and the range of emotions he showcases are superb.

Udhaynidhi as his son does full justice to his role, bringing out the angst of his character and the tornado of emotions he harbours under a quiet,  steely demeanour. The duo do wonders in the scenes the father and son are together.

Fahad Faasil as the vicious, cruel politico brings out superbly his  unbridled lust for power and his ego which never like losing. The dailogues between Vedivelu, Faahad and Udhaynidhi bring out well their emotions, anger and aspirations.

Keerthy Suresh is aptly chosen and delivers a fine performance. 

On the flip side, after a, powerful,  gripping interval block, the screenplays meanders a bit with a few usual tropes in the second half,  though it picks up speed later. 

AR Rahman's music, Vadivelu's soul searching track, Theni Eashwar's  powerful visuals, the Mari Selvaraj universe where the presence of different  animals each tells a tale of its own,  a positive suggestion on the way forward along with Udhaynidhi's power packed stunt sequences, impactful dialogues, Vadivelu's  body language and expressions and Faahad's layered act, are some of the many highlights of this socio-political drama.

Rating 3.5 / 5

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