Movie Review : DD Returns

The much awaited Santhanam, Surbhi starrer DD Returns hits theatres on July 28th.

Sathish ( Santhanam) is in love with Sofia ( Surbhi back in Tamil ). But due to a series of circumstances, he has to get her out of the clutches of a demonic local bigwig and gather 25 lakhs for her freedom. When he tries to do so,  due to  series of quirky events, he lands up in a haunted house and has to battle 5 ghosts on order to get back his lady love.

In the meantime, several others groups of criminals are also after him for the booty and all land up at the haunted castle. What happens next?

The film keeps you entertained for the most part. The ghosts in the castle have been given a back story of a particular game and the way the treasure of Santhanam lands up at the castle as well as the other gangs, is well tied up together, making for a plausible storyline.

With so many artists in the film from motta Rajendran to Redin Kingsley and Muniskanth and others, there is never  dull moment. Santhanam makes a superb comeback with comic timing and one liners and it's good to see him in this avatar. With Surbhi, the duo make a good screen pair. For Surbhi too its  good return to Tamil cinema.

The highlight of the movie and why the comedy works is the way Santhanam has given ample space for every artist and comedian to shine and keep the laughs coming.

Kudos to the director for a light hearted subject, with gags running fast all through,  and fun moments splashed all across the screen time. 

The sets of the castle look painstakingly put together with a lot of detailing which all adds value to the film. 

There, is no distracting romantic overload nor unnecessary stunts and the focus is on the comedy with a splatter of horror in keeping with the story.

The locations are well chosen and make for good visuals. The bgm fits well into the screenplay.

On the flip side,  some gags don't work while the Pradeep Rawat's voice is too boomimgly loud. The scenes of the child artist shooting arrows at people is disturbing and could have been avoided. There are few scenes of gore, unsuitable for kids.

Overall DD Returns is an entertaining horror comedy which keeps you engaged and the laughs coming. 


N Santhanam - Sathish

Surbhi - Sofia

Masoom Sankar - Clara

Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat - Fernandes

Maran - Ravi

Kingsley - Benny

FEFSI Vijayan - Anbarasu

Motta Rajendran - Professor

Munish kanth - Bheem

Bipin - Kulanthai

Dheena - Madhi

Sethu - Pambu

Thankadurai -  Blade Babu

Rita - Granny

Manasvi - Rachael

Deepa - Malika


Production : RK Entertainment

Produced by : C. Ramesh Kumar

Directed by : S. Prem Anand

DOP  : Dipak kumar Padhy

Music: ofRo

Editor : N. B. Srikanth

Art : A.R Mohan

Stunt : Hari Dinesh

Choreography : Sandy

VFX : R. Harihara Suthan (Lorven Studios)

Sound Mix : RajaKrishan

Sound Design : Sync cinema

Publicity Design : Dinesh Ashok

Costume Designer : Jasmine Joseph

PRO : Nikil Murukan

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