Movie Review: Jai Vijayam

 A Cube Movies App Presents "Jai Vijayam"



Jai Akash as Jai

Akshaya Kandamuthan as Akshaya ( Hero wife and Doctor)

Atchaya Ray as Lakshmi (Hero's sister)

ACP Rajendran as Inspector Rajendran (Hero's Appa)

Michael Augustine as Mottamadi Raja

Diwakar as Blind Man (Rakasiya Police)

Dr Saravanan as Dr Rathakrishnan

Baskar as Dr Rathakrishnan's Thambi (Villain)

Sakthivel as Madurai Pangali of Villain

R Ramkumar as Sub Inspector Ramkumar (Kidnapper)

Kiky Wallace as Akshaya (Hero's original wife)

Harish as Rajesh ( Hero's brother)

Laavanya as hero's original sister

Viji Kandamuthan as Dr Rathakrishnan's wife and Lakshmi's amma

Krishnan as Crime spot Investigating Inspector

Jayaprasad as Police Station Inspector

Manikandan as Danger Mani


Witten and Directed by Jeyashatheeshan Nageswaran

Music - Sathish Kumar

Cinematography - Pal Pandi

Editing - AC Manikandan

Art Direction - Sai Praba

Stunt - Jeyashatheeshan Nageswaran

Choreography - Jeyashatheeshan Nageswaran

Dts Mixing - Jerome

DI - Mani ( A Cube Movies )

*Produced By Jai Akash Films*

Jai plays a man who has lost his memory. One day, due to a series of events, he discovers that the wife and sister he is living with are not really his relatives.

He is shocked to learn that his wife is a doctor and his sister believes he has murdered her family members.  The police are in cahoots with this plan to uncover the truth of who he is and why he killed those people. 

Is Jai really a killer ? How is the truth uncovered?

On the face of it, the story seems interesting enough but at times the events seem very so far fetched.

The cast has given their best. Jai is convincing as the innocent man with a past and does a good job of his role looking the innocent victim and action hero in one. 

But the camera work could have been better handled. The sharpness of image is lacking and added to that the smoke on screen makes viewing tough. The locations seem cramped in few places. Dialogues could have been worked upon as at many places they seem improvised.

Overall, a mixed bag of emotions of  supernatural story with a murder mystery added on.

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