Movie Review : Thookudurai


Yogi Babu
Motta Rajendran, 
Bala Saravanan, 
Namo Narayanan, 
Vinoth Thangaraju, 
Sinthalapatti Sugi,
Raja Vetri Prabhu & others


Director - Dennis Manjunath
Cinematography - Ravi Varma   
Music - K.S. Manoj 
Editing - Deepak S Dwaraknath
Art - Jai Murugan & Bhakiyaraj 
Stunts - Monster Mukesh & Ram Kumar
Lyrics - Arivu & Mohanrajan 
Costume Designer - Nivetha Joseph 
Costumer - Balaji 
Makeup - A.P. Muhammad
Choreography - Sridhar
VFX - Aravind – Effects & Logics
Stills - Sai Santhosh 
Production Manager - Manoj Kumar 
Production Executive - Balaji Babu S 
Executive Producer- Jayaseelan
PRO - Suresh Chandra 
Publicity Designs - Saba Designs 

Thookudurai is a horror comedy with an ensemble cast out to entertain you.  In this they succeed to some extent, thanks mostly to Yogi Babu.

Iniya comes from a respected and  rich family of the village. Yogi Babu plays a youth who loves her and thinks she reciprocates. But on the night of their elopement, he is inadvertantly killed by her dad's henchmen chasing them.  

The story shifts to years later when a gang of 3 youths ( Mahesh, Sendraayan,Bala Saravanan) come to the same village to loot a gold crown held by the same family. 

In this quest, they are about to succeed when the unforseen happens and they are caught.  What is the link between these thieves, Iniya and Yogi Babu ? Do  they succeed in getting the crown or is there a twist in the tale?
The supernatural comedy, with Yogi Babu turning into an avenging ghost, works in parts, largely due to his presence and also thanks to some witty dialogues between the thieves.
Iniya looks every inch of the royal lineage in the story. Mottai Rajendran makes his presence felt.

However, the screenplay moves haphazardedly at times, needing your full concentration. The story keeps moving too fast to keep pace leading to confusion at times. 
A better handling would have worked in its favor.  A good supporting cast helps.

Overall, a comedy family entertainer that could have reached more of its potential with a tad more concentration on it's writing.

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