Movie Review: Devil

Devil Cast & Crew List


• Vidharth as Alex

• Thrigun as Roshan

• Poorna as Hema

• Subhashree as Sophia


• Banner - Maruthi Films & H Pictures

• Produced By - R.Radhakrishnan & S.Hari

• co-producer - P.Gnaanashekar

• Written and directed by - Aathityaa

• Music - Mysskin

• Director of photography – Karthik Muthukumar

• Editor – Elayaraja.s

• Art Director – Antony maria kerli

• Lyrics – Mysskin

• Sound Mix – Tapas Nayak

• Sound Design – S.Alagiakoothan

• Co-Director – R.Balachandar

• Colorist – Rajarajan Gopal

• Stunt – Ramkumar

• Costume Design – Shaima Aslam

• Stills – Abhishek raj

• Publicity Design – Kanadasan DKD


• VFX supervisor – T.Mathavan

• Production Executive – S.Venkatesan

• PRO – Sathish kumar 

• Promotions – KV Durai DEC

• Line producer – Lv srikanthlakshman

Alex ( Vidharth) a lawyer, marries Hema (Poorna ) in an arranged match. But their marriage is an unhappy one since he has an affair in office with Sophia ( Subashree). All hell breaks loose when the loving wife Hema finds out the truth, and she leaves. 

A year later Hema meets a young man Roshan (Thrigun) due to a road accident, and soon the duo become close.

But a twist in the tale occurs when a repentant Alex returns after having been cheated upon by Sophia. He begs forgiveness and overcome by love and remorse for her own closeness with Roshan, she reunites with her husband and conveys the same to Roshan.

But  just as things seem to be going right for her,  a tragedy occurs. What happens to Roshan when she leaves him? How does he react? How does that impact her marriage? Does she live happily ever after?

The film  kicks off with an intriguing start and keeps you hooked, thanks to the superb performances of  Poorna, Visharth and Thrigun. Director Aadhithya takes his time in the scenes involving the leads and their lives, taking a slow but steady pace to build up their love, longing, deceit, despair and hope. The crackling chemistry between Hema and Thrigun is well played out.

 Kudos expecially to Poorna who once again proves her mettle with a finely nuanced performance. The scenes between Vidharth and Subashree, laced with humor, are interestingly presented. Vidharth is yet again back with a meaty role after Irugapatru, and he delivers to perfection,  while Thrigun's body language, expressions and dialogue delivery, leave a mark and  makes you wonder why he hasn't been seen more in Tamil films. 

The making is rich and yet subtle, never in your face. The music by Mysskin ( who has a cameo appearance) is a plus for the movie. The visuals both in the day and night scenes capture the tone and tenor of the scenes and the emotions of the characters.

The action block at a crucial time,  is well executed and filled with suspense.

Overall, Devil is propped up by good casting and  performances, suspense, thrill, romance, emotion and subtle humor. However, on the flip side,  the climax is hard to comprehend logically and may leave many baffled. 

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