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Guardian, a thrilling revenge drama with supernatural elements, is Hansika's next film. Hansika plays an interior designer who grows up thingking she is unlucky. She comes to Chennai for a job in a prestigious company where she finds one day that things have changed. Now, whatever she thinks strongly or says out loud with feeling, actually comes true. At first she is happy with the positive change. But soon things go out of hand, and when people start dying because of what she said or thought, she goes to a psychologist to seek help.

Soon things begin to go south in her life and she discovers the root cause. Apparently an avenging spirit of young mother who was killed by her own company bosses and their friends has entered her body and is now seeking revenge.

Who was that mother ( Diya)? Why was she killed? Does she accomplish her goals ? What happens when the truth comes out?

The film turns out to be a stylishly made, slick supernatural thriller with suspense, humor, emotions and a love track as well. Except for some gory murders which may not be for the fainthearted, the revenge and supernatural portions are fairly easy to watch unlike other horror films with scary and hideous vfx and terrifyiing bgm.

There is ample suspense thanks to the non-linear narration. Pradeep Rayan as Hansika's love interest impresses with his height, demeanour and acting chops but his character could have been fleshed out better. Some of the reasons for their parting earlier, dont quite hold water.

Diya, debuting in the role, does a credible job of her role and her portions with her child make for pleasant viewing. But it does seem  at times that she is made to be a tad too gullible and unsuspecting of the danger she is in. The child artist too leaves a mark with her performance. Her later scenes with Hansika too strike a chord.

For Hansika its a role with substance and  the film centres around her character and she makes the most of it with an impresive performance. Her trendy looks and charismatic presence are an added asset to the visuals.

Thw camera, costume departments have  done a fab job,  as has the art department with slick settings.
Motta Rajendran and Thangadurai keep the laughs coming and at the same time are an integral part of the plot and keep the story moving forward.

On the flip side, the second half seems a tad slower than the first but overall , the film picks up pace as things get going when the supernatural elements take precedence.

The title too is aptly chosen and the story lives up to its premise. Overall, an engaging and entertaining supernatural revenge drama.
Rating 3/5

Hansika Motwani
Pradeep Rayan
Suresh Menon
Shriram Parthasarathy
Abhishek Vinod
‘Mottai’ Rajendran
‘Tiger Garden’ Thangadurai
Shobana Pranesh
‘Baby’ Krishita(Introduction)

Production : Film Works
Producer : Vijay Chandar
Directors : Gurusaravanan and Sabari
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue Writer : Gurusaravanan
Music Composer : Sam C.S
Cinematographer : K.A.Sakthivel
Editor : M.Thiyagarajan
Art Director : Lalgudi N.Ilayaraja
Stunt Director : ‘Don’Ashok
Choreographers : Viji Satish, Azhar, Dastha, Srikrish
Lyric Writers : Viveka, Sam C.S, Umadevi
Costume Designer: Archa Mehta
Costumer: P.Rangasamy
Music Supervisor: Bhuvana Ananth
Sound Design & Mixing : Arun Seenu, T.Udhayakumar
Stills : Mothilal
Publicity Designer : Joesph Jaxson
Production Manager: S.Krishnamurthy
Executive Producer: Naveen Prabhakar
Creative producers: Vijay Pratheep, Stalin
PRO : Riaz.K.Ahmed, Yuvraaj

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