Movie Review: Gaganachari

 The film is set in the 2040's era. Victor is a loner who lives in a bunker  on an island. He is interviewed by group of youngsters making a documentary,  to find out more about him as a person, being a legend of his times. 

For, he is one of those who has spotted a gaganachari, aka a monstrous alien. Aliens spaceships can be seen all across but nobody has yet had an encounter with them except Victor. 

Victor lives with Allen ( Gokul Suresh) and Vaibhav aka Vibe. Each of them has their quirks yet they all luve happily togerher.

 One day an alien whom they call Sumalatha ( Anarkali Marikar), lands in their midst and Allen who has never  had a girlfriend, slowly manages to capture her affection.

But things are not easy for the alien. The Ajayya Sena is hot on the trail and spreading fear  of aliens  amongst the populace. The government keeps an eye on its citizens in various ways.

In such a scenario, how does the alien survive in their midst? How are all  their lives impacted as days go by?

The film is a bold attempt at trying something different and  deserves kudos for that.  The director straight away dives into the futuristic, dystopian world and the story of the 4 main characters.

Its not clear why the alien chose these people but their relationships  and the satirical elements relating to the socio-political set up of the times, is well brought out with the comedy situations in the film. 

However, it takes time to get used to the dark rooms, dull scenario outside and the minimal lifestyle of the occupants, but once you settle into the story, the satire and wit inherant in the situations and dialogues get  easier to comprehend.

All the actors shine in their roles and leave an impact. Anarkali as the alien manages to scare with her blank stares. The scenes between her and Gokul Suresh are to watch out for.

A comedy set in a dystopian world, Gaganachari , (which is now releasing in different languages, after Malayalam) is a bold experiment of a film, which despite its with its no- frills making , strikes a chord in the viewer and generates the laughs apart from raising a questions on different worlds and worldviews.


Pan India Release by Gemini Film Circuit

Starring :

Aju Varghese

Anarkali Marikar

Gokul Suresh

Ganesh Kumar 


Directed by Arun Chandu

Produced by Ajith Vinayaka Films

Executive Producer : Krishand

Written by Arun Chandu - Siva Sai

Cinematography by Surjith S Pai

Music by Sankar Sharma

Edited by Ceejay Achu

VFX : Meraki

Co-Edited by Aravind Manmadhan

Sound Design : Sankaran AS, KC Sidharthan

Sound Mix: Vishnu Sujathan

Subtitles : Vivek Ranjith (BreakBorders)

Production Controller : Sajeev Chandiroor

Lyrics : Manu Manjith, Rahul Menon (English rap)

Art Director : M Bawa

Costumes : Bucy Baby John

Makeup : Ronex Xaviour

The comedy is full of satire related to pesent day socio-political events, human nature and society in general, using cultural and local references which keep the laughs coming. 

The production is simplistic but manages to drive home the points its trying to make with effective use of minimal sets and imaginatively captured locations which gives a futuristic effect in keeping with the time frame of the movie. 

The frames being mostly of a dull lighting act as a dampener in most places.  

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