Movie Review: Premalu


Tamil Theatrical Release by Red Giant Movies



Mamitha Baiju

Althaf Salim

Shyam Mohan M

Akhila Bhargavan

Meenakshi Raveendran

Sangeeth Prathap

Shameer Khan


Director: Girish A D 

Producers: Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, Syam Pushkaran 

Written by: Girish A D, Kiran Josey

Music: Vishnu Vijay 

Cinematography: Ajmal Sabu

Editor: Akash Joseph Varghese

Production Design: Vinod Raveendran

Lyricist: Suhail Koya

Sound Design:  Sankaran A S, K C Sidharthan

Sound Mix: Vishnu Sujathan

VFX: Egg White VFX 

Stills:  Jan Joseph George

Publicity Designs: Yellow Tooths 

Executive Producers: Benny Kattappana, Jos Vijay

Production Controller: Richard

Production House: Bhavana Studios 

Distribution: Red Giant Movies

PRO - Sathish (AIM)

Sachin ( Neslan) has no majorr career plan except to go to the UK on work. But he is at a,loose end when his vias application is rejected.

Before trying again later, he goes to Hyderabad with his buddy Amal Davis ( sangeeth prathap) for  a GATE course, just to get away from small town life. 

Once there, he meets Reenu ( Mamitha Baiju) who is an IT professional, with set goals in life and quite the opposite of him. 

However,  Sachin falls for her and the duo develop a friendship over time and Sachin and Amal get friendly with her IT colleagues as well. 

This friendship is frowned upon by Reenu's colleague Aadhi ( Shyam Mohan) who wants to woo Reenu.

What happens to Sachin's love? Does Reenu reciprocate? 

The film is a breezy, clean rom-com, with  modern showcasing of friendships, trust, love and relationships with  an effortless blending of emotions laced with humor of witty dialogues and situational comedy.
Msmitha and Naslen make a delightfully refreshing pair. The casting is superb with the group of friends and colleagues adding to the fun on screen. 

Several scenes are a delight to watch,  be it their first meeting,  the fun bus trip, the meeting with her parents,  the casual outings and the slow unravelling of a caring relationship, with the understanding of true love dawning slowly on the duo.
There is never a dull moment on screen, with superb visuals, peppy music, a breezy feel with a refreshingly told tale of love in the modern day, but with the display of depth of emotion as well. 
Watch out for the immensely entertaining climax.

Rating 4/5

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