Kalathur Gramam draws kudos for Sulile Kumar

Actor Sulile Kumar’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing after his recent release Kalathur Gramam. Directed by Saran K Advaithan, the film stars Kishore and Yagna Shetty with Sulile playing an important role as Kishore’s friend  and confidant  Veerayya, who turns the tide of events against him.
Photo courtesy : Sulile Kumar
The actor who was last seen in Tamil in the Nayanthara starrer Dora,  has won appreciation for the shades he pulled off in his character in Kalathur Gramam. The film itself has won over several critics for its very engaging storyline and  engrossing screenplay. The actor feels his biggest compliment came  when the unit members clapped after several of his shots as they canned scenes in a real village in interior Tamilnadu. Despite the over one dozen films he’s done,  some viewers thought that this was his first film. “That’s because in every film I’ve done so far  each role has been vastly different from the other. I’ve been lucky. That’s why, since my performances don’t ressemble each other, many viewers thought I was a new actor! ” he laughs.
The actor attributes the success of this role to director Advaithan who had conceived the character in detail but still gave him total freedom to perform. “He is so methodical. He came to me with a bound script. Once I read it, I couldn’t say no to a character which such shades and scope to act!  He understands the genre and has a deep understanding of cinema. He gave me room to discuss my character and to improvise with my body language, tempo of dialogue and even to interpret the character and scenes according to my instinct. Today when people appreciate the film and all of us, I give him full credit,” says Sulile. Kalathur Gramam centres around a village which doesn’t allow the police to enter. How events unfold thereafter is the story.
The talented actor who hopes to do more films in Tamil, is currently playing the negative lead in Ameer’s Santhanadevan starring Arya.


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