R Madhie on Saaho star Prabhas -' He's the same Darling who greets you with a hug and smile '

Photo courtesy : Twitter
The first look poster of the Baahubali star Prabhas ‘s next flick, Saaho, has been released today, making it the perfect birthday gift for fans of the Darling of the masses. Cameraman R Madhie, who cranks the camera for this UV Creations production, directed by Sujeeth,  has worked with Prabhas  for the Telugu film Mirchi. The duo share a warm camaraderie that is still unchanged.
Photo courtesy : R Madhie

On Prabhas’ birthday, Madhie shares his thoughts, “I have known Prabhas closely since we shot Mirchi. So it was great when we resumed work together for Saaho. After Baahubali, his fame has reached greater heights both nationally and internationally. But as a person Prabhas hasn’t changed one bit. When he meets me, its still the same Prabhas, the darling, who greets you with a warm hug and a smile. He still has the same small group of close friends  whom he likes to spend his time with after work. I have been invited to his guest house several times along with his other friends.  And just like before, he will always call up each person  in advance and ask what dishes  they would like to have for the  dinner that evening. And when you reach, there will be a lavish spread awaiting! He is the same warm hearted person, thoughtful and simple as before.  The pressures of being Baahubali haven’t changed him at all,” says Madhie.
On the work front, Madhi feels that Prabhas has become even more focused. “Cinema is his life and he breathes only films. He always took a keen interest in his work. But after Baahubali I feel he has become even more focused and wants to do everything he can, to enhance the overall cinematic experience of the shot. He has long discussions  with me about the shot, the mood, the angles  and how he can contribute more. The brainstorming sessions bring us valuable inputs from him. He knows everything about the film from the 1st frame  to the last of what we have shot. He goes into the minutest details and his overall interest in the process of film making has increased. He is very well informed about the films that are being made across the world and  about the reach of our cinema. He is well aware that after Baahubali,  audience expectations from him have increased. He wants to do his level best to live up to them.”

Madhie has been doing recces for the film shoot along with the team and now that 3 schedules are over, the next schedule will begin soon. Shoots in Europe and UAE are on the cards. The film which is being shot in Telugu and Hindi, will take several more months to complete.


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