Prabhu Deva's Lakshmi is a dance film with emotions

by Rinku Gupta

The press meet of Pramod Films and Trident Arts ' Lakshmi' was held today in the presence of lead actor Prabhu Deva and producer Prateek Chakravarty and Trident  Arts R Ravindran.

Heroine Aishwarya Rajesh and actors Sophie, Sam Paul and Baby Ditya were present. The trailer, making and a song were screened. The film stars Chaams, Kovai Sarala, Salman Yusuff Khan and Karunakaran.
 Said Editor Antony , 'I'm a big fan of all the kids who danced in the film.There is lot of emotion along with dance in the film.'
Sam CS, music director said,'We have seen Prabhu Deva films all through growing up years so it was wonderful working in his film. This film's USP is that it has lots of emotions. Usually there are lots of emotional stories behind the scenes during contests we see on TV. This film brings to the fore all these sentiments. Its very tough to work with kids but director Vijay has done so well with them. Families will love this film.'
Heroine Aishwarya Rajesh said at first she didnt want to do a mom's role but when she heard the script she agreed immediately, 'Ditya the main child lead and  dancer is a blessed child. She has given her best. Nobody will forget her in TN after watching Lakshmi. Only thing is though I am a dancer I dont have dancing scenes in this film!'
Child artist Ditya

Speaking on the occasion, Prabhu Deva said,'Vijay is a wonderful person so we geled  really well. We are going to do Devi 2 together as well. He has worked very hard in this film to make it for all India audiences, working with the best dancers. This is Vijay's best film."

Director Vijay praised the bonding of Aishwarya with the cast. 'Prabhu Deva is like my brother and a good well wisher and it was wonderful to work with him again. Sophie who is Aishwarya's sister-in-law,  has done a great job in the film. cameraman Nirav Shah has been a big pillar for the film. The dance team of Paresh helped during auditions and co-ordination with kids all over India. It  was like a mini school on sets. Ditya is very focussed, from rehearsal to acting and deserves a big success. Sam C S deserves lots of credit because a good dance film is possible only with the right music.'

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