A Film for kids in a changing word- Ezhumin

Vivek and Devayani star in a kids oriented movie, Ezhumin, releasing along with Sandakozhi2 and Vada Chennai, this coming Friday.
The film stars six children and deals with the importance of several issues relating to the safety of kids and women. The camerawork is by Gopi Jagadeeswaran while VP Viji, the producer , has also directed the film. Said Gopi at the press meet, “Vivek sir is a favourite of children so the message he gives in the film will surely be driven home easily, for the benefit of society.” Several martial  arts are shown in the film like Silambam, Karate, Kung Fu, Gymnastics and so on.  Children who were proficient in these arts were specialy chosen out of hundreds who came to the auditions. Actor Vivek gave the new child actors several acting tips.They also had to learn how to do ‘cinema fights’ instead of actually hitting out at opponents.  
Said Vivek, “This film has been made with an aim of how to teach children to protect themselves in today’s changing world. Deviyani has acted as my wife in the film.” He felt that students should come in large numbers to see this film.He added that miracle Michael stunt scenes are a highlight. Dhanush has sung one song in the film, apart from Malaysian singer Yogi B.
The movie is a family film with a message. On the request of actor Vivek,  director -producer Viji revealed that he will give a reduction of Rs 15 on each student ticket, reaching out to 30 lakh students.

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