Quick Review - Evanukku Engeyo Macham Irukku

by Rinku Gupta

Touted to be an adult comedy EEMI stars Vemal and Singampuli as employees in a pharmacy. But  they moonlight as thieves by night who steal petty goods from locked homes. This act lands them in trouble one day when they steal a large stash of cash from a cop's 2 houses.
This results in a mad chase for the duo with cop Poorna in hot pursuit along with the pharmacy owner, another cop whose cash they stole ( Mansoor Ali Khan) and a don character thrown in.
Ashna Zaveri plays a Madurai ponnu who is Vemal's neighbour  and the duo spend some steamy moments together. Adult star Miya Rai Leone plays a forceful woman from London who uses Vemal as a boy toy and joins the chase for him along  with the others.

The comedy does elicit its fair share of laughs but after a while the  constant chases and repetitive beatings the duo recieve get tedious to watch in the second half.
Vemal as the reluctant boy toy had his fair share of romantic screen moments. Ashna looks alluring but hardly gets any dialogues. Singampuli is at what he does best, making people laugh.Miya Rai suits her role to perfection but has nothing much to do except look lecherous and wield a gun.

The adult comedy genre is mostly reduced to lecherous looks, double meaning dialogues, provocatively clad heroines and men with multiple wives. The thieves on the run made for a good premise for comedy but could have been better  utilised  by director AR Mukesh.

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