Hansika injured in Maha stunt shoot

by Rinku Gupta 

Apart from acting skills actors are required to have many other talents like dancing and stunt training. Heroine Hansika  showed that she is capable of handling all these in equal measure during the shoot of her film Maha.

 Focussing on a women-centric plot the story revolves around the leading lady who  needed to shoot a stunt sequence, which was filmed on Monday. This intense sequence required the actress to go hard on the floor with a somersault, which was mistimed and ended with an  injury. The swift first aid and support from the team helped her recover sooner. Even after the repeated advice to take rest, Hansika politely refused   and hit the shoot for shots that didnt need any hand movement to complete  the sequence.
Maha is the 50th film of Hansika and her first stunt film. It is directed by U R Jameel and produced by Etcetera Entertainment. 

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