Who is the real Chandramouli in Kollywood?

by Rinku Gupta

What's in a name, Shakespeare may well have proclaimed. But names resonate with associations and memories and all the more so in filmdom. In K Town, the name Chandramouli has an immediate association with Mani Ratnam's character in Mouna Ragam made famous and immortal with a dialogue by the inimitable actor Karthik.

But looks like  there's a real Chandramouli off screen as well in Kollywood. Kayal fame hero Chandran's real name is actually Chandramouli. Now, after a few films, the actor has decided to  revert to his original name on screen which he felt reflects and resonates with  his own, real personality.

In a letter to the media he explains, '...I’d like to mention what Jerry Spinelli had once quoted, ‘EVERY NAME IS REAL. THAT’S THE NATURE OF NAMES’. And to remain as real as possible, I’m overwhelmed to inform you all that my Screen name ‘Chandran’ will henceforth be replaced with my real name which is “Chandramouli”.

I thank my directors, producers, media and last but not the least my fans for this support. And I expect all the film journalists to mention my name as stated above. '

Incidentally, the actor was named 'Chandramouli' by his parents because of the Mani Ratnam film dialogue. He explains, 'Everyone in my family loves films ! My dad fell in love with that scene where Karthik is seen shouting that name in Mouna Raagam. And I was born in the same year 1988. Immediately my dad was,  like,  this is the name for my son!'

So, for the actor who married popular VJ Anjana and is the proud father of baby Rudraksh, perhaps  a new chapter opens with this name change.  Let the 'Party' begin for the actor who will next be seen in this Venkat Prabhu film along with Daavu and Thittam Potta Thirudra Koottam ( TPTK).

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