Quick Review : Peranbu

by Rinku Gupta

International award winning  Peranbu is a moving and hard hitting tale with some stellar performances and is bound to leave you both teary-eyed and thoughtful when you leave the cinema hall.
The story revolves around a father ( Mammootty in a brilliant performance) whose wife deserts him, unable to bear the burden of looking after a girl child with cerebral palsy and an absentee husband busy who is  with work in the Gulf.

Chased away by cruel kin who cannot help him, he finds succour in a far away cabin in the midst of wilderness abd Nature, to look after a child who is not used to him and shuns his presence, making his job of caring for her and understanding her special needs that much tougher.

Without  giving away spoilers one can say that the rest of the story takes us into the world of the specially abled and the daily challenges they try to overcome, both parents and the special children.
In a beautifully narrated story director Ram tries to make us feel and  think and holds up a mirror to the unfeeling society we have become.
There are moments that make you uncomfortable and a few points  and behaviour of the father hard to accept. But Peranbu is a great watch for the insights, wonderful performances ( Mammoory, Sadhana, Anjali) , music, dialogues and superb camerawork ( Eashwar). 

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