Quick Review : Devarattam

By Rinku Gupta
Devarattam produced by Studio Green and directed by Muthaiya, stars Gautham Karthik opposite Manjima Mohan with Vela Prabhakar, Vinodini, Soori, Bose Venkat ,Fefsi Vijayan and others.

 Set in Madurai the story revolves around a young lawyer Vetri ( Gautham Karthik)  who is the youngest brother amongst 6 sisters. The joint family lost their father to a local dada Ganesan ( fefsi Vijayan) who   is prone to eliminating anyone who dares to disobey his wishes. Vetri is a do- gooder who  believes that justice must prevail even if violence is needed as a means to do so.
As luck would have it, when Vetri comes crosses the path  of Ganesan's son who is protecting a kidnapper, and kills both, all hell breaks lose. Ganesan vows revenge. Will Vetri be able to protect himself and his family? 

Gautham Karthik has given his best to the action sequences which are the mainstay  of  this violent film. His hard work shows all through. Even the rigorous dance scenes showcase his skills. Manjima has nothing much to do but its commendable shes shown as a lawyer and not just a bubbly girl/ love interest as is the norm.
Soori's wit keeps the laughs coming. But the all -encompassing  violence and loud dialogues dont leave  much  room for any of the emotional scenes to make an impact. An attempt is made to touch upon the topical issue of women's safety.

 The bro -sis bonding is the sentimental angle which would appeal to family audiences.

The songs are well shot though the one in Kodai seems a pointless speed breaker.  The stunts by Dilip Subrayan are a highlight but though vigorous, there seems to be nothing new or engaging about them apart from the usual chases and goons running or flying in the air.

Perhaps watchable for Gautham Karthik' s sincere  effort and authentic portrayal in an action avatar.  

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