Quick Review: K 13

by Rinku Gupta

SP Cinemas'  K 13 is a thriller directed by Barath Nerlakanthan starring Arulnithi and Shraddha Srinath.
To reveal the story would be a giveway to the plot . But briefly put, the story happens around a man ( Arulnithi who plays an assistant director) who finds himself taped to a chair, next to a dead body of a young girl ( Shraddha Srinath who plays a writer) in a flat, where he has spent the night. While he tries to figure out in a haze of memory what happened the previous night, he hears the cops outside the door. He realises he's in deep trouble and knows he has to get out somehow, or will get caught. Does he manage to escape? Who is the girl? How did she die?  Why was he in her apartment?

Almost the entire story takes place in the apartment block. The way the story unfolds may be a little slow but as it builds up, it leads to an unexpected climax with several twists along the way, which act in  the film's favour.  Arulnithi ( who has chosen an unusual script  yet again) as the trapped guy and Shraddha  as the writer fit their roles perfectly. To say more about them would reveal bits of the story.

There are no unnecessary deviations like comic tracks and the like. 
On the flip side, the prolonged focus on the apartment and close ups of the characters and bloodied shots of the corpse, become repetitive and try one's patience. There are questions like why he doesn't leave when he gets a chance and how they could have gotten in unnoticed in such a large apartment block for instance.   
But the film tries to  make up for several such hiccups  in the twists  leading to the surprise ending. 

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