This is a first SJ Suryah film with a U -SJ Suryah

by Rinku Gupta
The audio launch of Potential Studios' Monster took place today. The film stars SJ Suryah and Priya Bhavani Shankar along with Karunakaran. The film is directed by Nelson Venkatesan with music by Justin Prabhakaran.  The DOP is Gokul Benoy.
The family entertainer revolves around the unique story of a man dealing with a rat menace at home and is touted to be a complete family entertainer. A real rat was also part of the shoot. 'Shooting with the rat was quite tough as we had to wait for its reactions and even the editing was tough,'said editor VJ Sabu Joseph.  
'This is my second film with Nelson and Sabu. So its very special to us. Our interaction was much easier due to that,'said Justin Prabhakaran.
'Director Nelson was very particular about what he wanted and would not stop till he got the correct reactions,' said heroine Priya Bhavani Shankar.
Director  Nelson said ,' The hero is SJ Suryah and the villain is a rat is what I had in mind. Its one of the most intelligent animals. Its sense of smell is amazing. I had amazing research  on the rat. I needed someone who could do justice to the script and role. SJ Suryah was the perfect choice and right ftom the narration he started getting into character. His role was very tough since he had to wait for the rat's reactions and give expressions even without any rat. ' He emphasised that a real rat has been used in the film and no CG has been used at all.
'We shot for  20 days with a rat. We could not  direct it but we still shot with it. The story is based on a real situation that happened in my house. For 3 days I could not go home because if it. Families will enjoy the film a lot.'
"The film has a magical quality to it all created by this wonderful team. I think this is the first SJ Suryah film which has got a U certificate. Maybe after working with Potential Studios a new chapter with U will start in my life , ' quipped SJ Suryah. 

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