Quick Review: Aadai

By Rinku Gupta
Aadai is the second film of its director Rathnakumar, starring Amala Paul, Sriranjini, Ramya Subramaniam, Vivek Prasanna and others, with camerawork by Vijay Karthik.

The story recolves around Suthanthirakodi who goes by her preferred media name Kamini ( Amala Paul) a bold girl, brought up by a loving, but distraught mother ( Sriranjini) who wishes her daughter was less brash, more traditional in her choice of clothes and did better things at work like reading news in a sari instead of the Thoppi prankster show she helms, pulling scary pranks on the public. Kamini, is unfazed asks carries on with her ways, daring people, taking bets and living life on her own terms.
Till one day, a strange challenge she undertakes of reading the news in the nude, somehow ends up becoming her worst nightmare. Alone, after a night of drunken revelry, in the huge building the media house just vacated, she struggles to find a solution to the horrific reality. Who had done this to her? Does she get out of her predicament?

Director Rathnakumar deserves kudos for kicking the ball out of the park with his unique script and story telling skills in a screenplay that leaves no room for lags. The group of friends and thier jolly interchanges seem like a slice of life and establish a curiosity and connect. The detailing of Kamini's character gives us enough reasons to be invested in her and her predicament. With a large part of the story featuring Amala in the nude, kudos to the cameraman and the director's vision, for never a tinge of vulgarity. Vivek, Sriranjini and Ramya Subramaniam and the other friends, are most aptly cast in taking the story forward.

Amala's trust in the script and bold move to take up the role and play it unapologetically deserves to be commended and has paid off. She pulls it off brilliantly, displaying the struggle, desperation, helplessness and determination in equal measure. Without revealing spoilers, suffice it to say that the message of the film about the misuse of social media that is dragging people down, needs to be addressed. The questions it raises about ' what is real freedom' is also a pertinent one, addressed in a way that it strikes a chord with audiences, that too in a hard hitting manner.

There maybe certain logical loopholes in a few places but overall the film at the end of the day, is largely one that needs to be watched and will surely set you thinking in more ways than one. 

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