Rathnakumar told me to be myself-Amala Paul on Aadai

by Rinku Gupta
" I had such a shock when I read the 1 page synopsis of Aadai," said Amala Paul at the audio launch of the film.  " I met director Rathna Kumar in Delhi where he narrated the story for 2 hours. There was a lot of positive energy at that meeting. Then I met producer Subbu. Before signing the film, we had a lot of discussion about the script. I told the director we have to work as a team.
Vijay Karthik is the cameraman of the film and I saw truth in the photos he took. I saw a lost part of me. The trust then grew."
This is the first time Amala did a rehearsal for a movie. " Rathna gave me the freedom to be myself, which is rare. He said 'just be yourself, embrace your madness' " she added. Aadai is the first script of Rathnakumar she disclosed about the Meiyathu Maan director.
Amala plays a character called Kamini in the film.
About shooting the second half which involve ' naked' scenes in the script, Amala said, " There were bouncers frisking entrants for those scenes and a minimum unit at shoot. I had to have trust to do those scenes and trusting this producer, director and cameraman has been my best decision. Thr
ePeopley made me feel so comfortable. say that if this film flops your career will go.  But every film has its destiny. The experience of this film has helped us grow. When we look back we are very proud to have achieved the unachievable."
The film has been shot in synch sound.

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