I cannot compare Baahubali and Saaho - Prabhas

By Rinku Gupta

The mammoth ‘Saaho’ is all set to storm in theatres from August 30 worldwide and the team was present in Chennai to promote the film.

K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films, “This event is something nostalgically positive to me as the press meet of Baahubali happened in the same place. There is a particular dialogue in the film, where Prabhas speaks about hitting a‘Sixer’ and I am sure Prabhas will make an impressive show. I am aware of the production of Vamsi and Pramod Anna. Although, I was aware of the money they have invested, I was spellbound over the grandeur when watching the trailer. I am sure, the audience will definitely have a big blast of celebrations. Trailers have become the major pillar of a film and have a good impact on the release and reception. After Saaho, it is so much evidence that people have got to know what the film is all about. When compared to other versions, Baahubali – The Beginning had a very good opening in Tamil Nadu and same will be with Saaho. A player can hit six, but among this team of 11, 7 of them belong to our region including Arun Vijay, Ghibran and even Sujeeth, who is a graduate from Prasad Film Institute.”

Music director Ghibran said, “Right from our childhood, we were always impressed with the Hollywood movies like Fast and Furious, Mission Impossible, etc, where we desired it happens in India as well. I am now extremely happy that our dreams are coming true through Saaho. Working with the majestic orchestra at Budapest, it was much more enthralling and challenging. The instrumentalists were very much excited as well as working with us and they wanted to watch the movie as well. The challenging part of BGM in Saaho was the last 2 reels and it was really amazing. I am sure, the audience will have a big-time watching this movie in the theatres.”

Production Designer Sabu Cyril, “It was pretty much challenging and with the producers spending so much money, I had excessive responsibility of bringing the best in me. The set works are made in such a way that it will look like real locations. Since there are lots of actions involved in the film and we had erect around 60-70 sets. I remember designing a stretch of Abu Dhabi road, which will be one of the greatest highlights. This is a movie you must watch in theatres just like how you enjoyed Avengers. It will definitely be a worthy watch. I have been a hardcore James Bond fan from childhood and I assure Saaho will be an Indian James Bond Film.”

Arun Vijay said, “Soon after the release of Yennai Arindhaal, I was getting more opportunity in Telugu industry and I was patiently waiting for the right opportunity. Sujeeth might look young, but his works are really magical. The way how he handles all the artistes and such a big league of technicians for the span of 2 years is marvelous. I also thank the producers for banking their hopes on him. Prabhas could have easily leaped into a bigger project with A-league directors,  but then he chose this film and was completely professional looking carefully into minute roles. This is the first time, I am a part of the trilingual film and it was really enjoyable and challenging as well. I was told by the makers that my role is Manoj and I acted with the same mindset but was surprised to see a new name as Vishwank. So I really don’t know how my character is getting delineated here. Everyone on the sets was amazing including Shraddha Kapoor”

Director Sujeeth said, “Chennai is my home and I spent my childhood here and I converse my dad regularly in Tamil. Working with producers Vamsi and Pramod is like a reunion with my brothers as they produced by the first film.  Writing script is the biggest challenge and once done, it’s half job over. Then getting the right technicians onboard will surely let our work get easier. Sabu Cyril would be visiting the sets of Baahubali regularly and during the night, we would discuss the script of Saaho. Later, the big names like Madhie sir, Sreekar Prasad sir, and others did a greater job, which is now witnessed over the film’s result. It’s a good expectation mounting up for Prabhas after Baahubali and is really sure audience will enjoy his show.”

Actress Shraddha Kapoor said, “Everything that happened in Saaho was something magical. If you’re asking me why I chose Saaho, you need to put forward this question on the producers and team. I am really lucky to be a part of India’s biggest action thriller, especially with an actor like Prabhas and a multi-lingual project. A woman doing action is something really challenging and am looking forward to a good reception here.”

Actor Prabhas said, “The experience is very much amazing and journey of 2 years was more enthralling. I cannot compare both Baahubali and Saaho as they belong to different worlds. Except for the similarity on ‘Action’, they have a different premise and treatment is completely unique. I am sure one-day Sujeeth will definitely become huge and phenomenal than SS Rajamouli sir. Shraddha Kapoor is more like a Tomb Raider in the movie.  Saaho is going to be first of its kind experience for action film lovers in India. There is a special surprise for Tamil Nadu audiences on August 23 and it will be a delight for them indeed.”

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