Quick Review : 100% Kadhal

by Rinku Gupta

100 Percent Kadhal directed by MM Chandramouli has Balu Mahendra ( GV Prakash )playing a studious, possessive boy who soon starts get infatuated with his aththai ponnu Mahalaxmi ( Shalini Pandey). The cousin comes to the city to study and stays with his family.
After several scenes of both being infatuated ( after several navel shots ) with each other,  the relationship sours when ego tussles begin and get bigger. Does true love win in the end?

The film is a remake of a decade or so old Telugu film. By the  way the story, screenplay, dialogues and situations are created and treated,  the film gives out an out -dated feel. The situations seem comical quite unintentionally so and one finds it difficult to relate to them.
Appukutty, Rekha, Thalaivasal Vijay, Jayachitra, Nasser, Manobala  and Thambi Ramaiah make up the cast. But nobody quite leaves any impact and the comedy  generates no laughs . However, the production values seem good though they cannot quite help the repetitive (ego tussle) situations lift the story. 

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