Reba Monica, Anson Paul in Mazhaiyil Nanaigiren, a love story

By Rinku Gupta

The Anson Paul-Reba Monica John starrer ‘Mazhaiyil Nanaigiren’ seems to carry a beautiful soulful love story within the  title itself.

In addition, the first look, offering a glimpse on the couple has intensified the depth of romance. Speaking about this, debutant T. Suresh Kumar, director of the film says, “Yes, it’s a feel good love story, but has been treated with lots of maturity. Every character we see in the film will have a matured approach towards the situations and how they deal with them.”

 Love stories often become a raging hit when there’s a bitter-sweet climax, where the lovers are either separated through breakups or tragedy. About this Suresh Kumar adds, “This film will have a different ending. I cannot reveal more about the premise for,   I want it to exhibit more through  celluloid,  than speaking about it. Anson Paul and Reba Monica John are extremely talented and their screen presence will enliven the emotional essence significantly.”

Mazaiyil Nanaigiren is produced by B. Rajesh Kumar and Sreevidhya Rajesh for Rajsree Ventures. Apart from Anson Paul and Reba Monica John, the film’s star-cast comprises of Shanker Guru Raja, Mathew Varghese, Anupama Kumar, Sujatha Panju, Vetrivel Raja and few others.

Viji and Kevin Pandiyan (Dialogues), Vishnu Prasad (Music), J Kalyan (DOP), G.B. Venkatesh (Editor), N. Mahendran (Art), Lalithanand & Muthamizh (Lyrics), Sreevidhya Rajesh (Costume Designer), T. Ramesh (Stunt), P.M. Karthick (Stills)  form the technical team.

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