Review: Pachai Vilakku

By Rinku Gupta

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Producer Dr Manimakalai's Pachai Vilakku stars Dr Maran and Disha in the lead. Others in the cast include Tara, Manobala, Imaan Annachi, Nellai Siva, Nandakumar, Rupika and Nanjil Vijayan.
The story, screenplay, Dialog and direction are by doctor Maran. The music is by the Vedam Pudhidha Devendran and the cinematography is by Balaji.


A young college student Subhashini ( Disha) falls in love with an assistant professor Ashwin Kumar ( Dr Maran) who also works on road safety as a traffic warden.
When her sister Vaishnavi ( Tara) is threatened by some villains who want to entrap her into a fake marriage for exhorting money after blackmailing her with her semi nude videos, it is Ashwin who comes to their rescue. How  he solves the problem is the story.

Pros and cons :

*The portions on how Ashwin handles the blackmailers is interesting.
*The dangers of girls being conned by fake lovers are well highlighted, acting as an eye-opener.
*The second half where the screenplay moves fast, is gripping.
*The actors justify their roles adequately.
* filming and locations are easy on the eyes.
* the romance scenes using humor are light hearted touch.
*road safety rules are well highlighted via the film.
* the way the villains are beaten at their own game makes for interesting viewing.

- Too much time is spent on the romance portions in the first half.
- good messages but could be conveyed in a less preachy manner perhaps.
- the hero needs to focus a bit more on expressions.

Verdict :
Film with a message.

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