Devi Sri Prasad floored by Kamal Haasan's Phone Call !

By Rinku Gupta

When ace music director Devi Sri Prasad took up the #BeTheRealMan challenge thrown at him on social media and made a video of his Corona Lockdown activities   little did he imagine the response.
The quirky , fun video with a beautiful message in the end, was trending and the phone didn't stop ringing for the next few days.( click here to view video).

Devi Sri Prasad is overwhelmed with the response from friends, fans and industry folks. Says he, " I am surprised everyone is so loving this video.. It was on trending too and on all the media ! All directors like Sukumar , Harish Shankar , Prabhu Deva master, everyone appreciated.
Even Shruthi Haasan."

Even as he was soaking it all in,  he recieved a bigger surprise. It was a call that left him feeling on cloud nine! An elated DSP reveals, "And the most unbelieveable thing was,  Kamal Hassan Sir called and  said he loved my video! The dedication to the Mother, is the highlight he said! I was so happy!"

 What added to his joy was the totally unexpected lengthy chat Kamal had with him, and the enthusiasm with which he discussed the video,  "Getting even  a small appreciation from the Legend Kamal  Haasan sir always excites me. So I was naturally overwhelmed when he called and said the he loved   my #REALMANCHALLENGE video. It took me by complete  surprise! He said that the way it was dedicated to a Mother  and especially to women, really appealed to him.  He even went on to  discuss his amazing views on the contribution of women  to the family. It was a blessing to win his appreciation !"

        Devi Sri Prasad with his mother
            Mrs Siromani Sathyamurthy 

Speaking about the message in his video attributing whatever he is today to his Mother, (that even Kamal appreciated),  DSP says,"Yes, thats what I sincerely feel and believe in. A mother is definitly the Pillar of any Family! And we must always give them the maximum credit ."

Seeing DSP's quirky side and penchant for conveying a topical message in a quick, quirky, effective yet entertaining way, we sure hope he'll dabble more in such videos and perhaps even direct short films!

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