Gitanjali Selvaraghavan's Glam Maternity Photoshoot !

 By Rinku Gupta

Gjitanjali Selvaraghavan took to insta to post her latest maternity photo shoot, in an experimental and  glam avatar.

The couple is expecting their third child after 2 kids, Leelavathi and Omkar.

Posing in sporty western wear, she wrote,  " Thank you so much for making me look the way I feel@mommyshotsbyamrita feeling fit, feeling  healthy, feeling strong, feeling sexy, feeling happy, filled with love and joy... Altogether feeling FABULOUS and I think you have captured that beautifully!!!! 

Mothers and mothers to be are strong, beautiful, fierce, fun and sexy too! And it has nothing to with I how they look but how they What do you say ladies?? Can we get a HELL YEAH? !!!" 

She added, " I've always seen #Maternity portraits be styled and posed a certain way. And I never questioned it. Until I finally did! Portraits can be fun, experimental and stylish if you want 'em to be. 

In another part of the shoot she dressed like a diva in a sheath dress and wrote, "In this next set of pictures shot by @mommyshotsbyamrita we've gone from "fit and sporty" to DIVA, DRAMA, DONNA! 
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am bling obsessed. I Love how between@mommyshotsbyamrita
@stylemuze and@rachelstylesmith they satisfied my need to "Glitter and Glam" all I want! made this stunner of 
a sheath dress that flowed and fit better than anything i have tried on recently. 

Maternity, pre and post natal, can be quite a messy and icky time for most. It certainly is for me. So when this particular look and concept were being discussed I was THRILLED with 
the opportunity to feelas@mommyshotsbyamrita aptly put in 
her post like a "Goddess". 

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