Qube's 100% VPF Waiver for Hindi, Non South Markets in December !

 by Rinku Gupta

 Leading Digital Service Provider ( DSP) Qube Cinemas, is going all out to help revive the industry reeling under the aftermath of the lockdown. In a major move to help producers plan releases for the festive season ahead, Qube has extended a 100% waiver of Virtual Print Fee (VPF) for new movie releases in December, to support Producers and Exhibitors in the Hindi and Non- South markets. For January, there will be a 60% waiver.

It maybe recalled that  In Kollywood, after a stalemate over the waiver issue between the industry and the DSP , finally Qube had recently signed an agreement with the Tamil Film Active Producers  Association (TFAPA)  led by Bharathi Raja. This offered  a substantial reduction in VPF in order to help the Kollywood industry and get footfalls back into the theatres.

 However, unlike the offer to Hindi and Non- regional markets, for some reason, the exact details of the waivers for Kollywood have not been disclosed. How do the two lists of waivers compare is therefore not known as yet.

 Announcing the details on 20th Nov,  Qube's press statememt from Mumbai reads:

"The cinema exhibition sector across India has started the tentative process of opening after lockdown restrictions since March 2020. In order to get audiences back to cinemas. it is important that there is a good flow of new movies in theatres over the coming weeks and months. In order to aid this process, and help producers and distributors plan their release schedules for the next two months, Qube Cinema is announcing the following for its VPF charges for all new releases: 

1 . 100% waiver of VPF charges for the month of December 2020 

2. 60% waiver of VPF charges for the month of January 2021 

This will be applicable for all Hindi and non-South regional markets. South Indian language markets will have specific packages based on their specific requirements. 

Logistics charges for content delivery and key management for both DCI & non-DCI screens will continue to be applicable for new releases and library content. 

As the cinema industry takes steps towards reopening, Qube believes that it is imperative that all stakeholders in the industry introduce temporary measures during this period to help support each other. Qube hopes that providing this discount on VPF would enable producers to plan their releases for Christmas, New Years and beyond, and will draw in audiences to theatres and get the industry back on its feet. 

Qube wishes everyone a happy and prosperous festive season and hopes to see audiences soon 

back at the theatres. "

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