Andrea Jeremiah publishes Broken Wing, donates proceeds to Charity!

By Rinku Gupta

Multi-talented actor, songwriter and  singer Andrea Jeremiah celebrated her birthday in a special way with an announcement.  

The Pisasu 2 actor announced the release of her  book of poems, titled Broken Wing, which will be available worldwide from 23rd December.

The book is a compilation of her poems and chronicles her journey through love and loss, gives  the reader a peek into the real person behind her public persona.

Cutting her birthday cake in the shape of her book,  she posted on Insta, the reason behind the book, " I've been a closet poet for as long as I can remember... and publishing my poetry was always an item on my bucket list I conveniently chose to ignore. 

Then #covid.19 happened & the world as we knew it turned upside down... During the #lockdown, I started sharing some of my poems as a way of connecting with people, because we were all in it together. And somehow, that process of sharing led to the idea of publishing this book as a way of raising funds for those in need. 

#brokenwing is straight from the heart... with all my flaws & insecurities, hopes & dreams, fears & failures, strength & vulnerability, love & loss... it's as real as I could ever get..."
All proceeds of the book will go to charity she added. 

Andrea had written another collection with the same title last year, dedicating an insta page to it as well.  But looks like she has perhaps written a new set of poems  in the lockdown.

Congratulations  Andrea!

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