Atharvaa Murali does a single shot action block !

 By Rinku Gupta

Atharvaa Murali did a hugely difficult  single-shot action sequence in Pramod Films’ 25th Production directed by Sam Anton recently.

An elated director Sam Anton says, “This was a long-time idea of myself and stunt master Dhilip Subbarayan as we wanted to attempt a unique action sequence. However, our ideas got materialized with this project and that’s because of an actor like Atharvaa Murali, who is agile, energetic, and proficient in martial arts. "

It was a challenging process to shoot the single-shot action block. He adds, " Everyone invested lots of energy and effort in planning and executing the sequence. We had a rehearsal for just one day.  I am sure, Atharvaa will be declared as one of the prominent action heroes in the Indian film fraternity after this film’s release!"

Producer Shruthi Nallappa, Pramod Films says, “I am confident that this action sequence will create a new benchmark for many action genre movies soon. The kind of effort that Atharvaa has exerted has yielded outstanding results. I thank stunt master Dhilip Subbarayan for creating such a tremendous impact. 

The cinematography team has been the pillar in getting this materialized. More than all, thanks to Sam Anton, the captain of our ship for coming up with such an unparalleled idea. We at Pramod Films are sure that it will be acclaimed as the best action sequence on par with International movies.”

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