Raashi Khanna believes, ' Be The Miracle' !

The Covid crisis has prompted actor Raashii Khanna to swing into action to help  poor families who are worst affected by the lockdown.

Raashii's initiative, BeTheMiracle,  has taken up the task of  distributing food to the needy. After being pushed by her family and friends, she has decided to speak about it, to encourage like-minded and kind-hearted people to come forward and help those who need help in this pandemic.

With BeTheMiracle she is associating with organisations like Roti Bank and many other volunteers who are also helping animals that have been left out with no food or water  and some old age homes.

 After working on the ground she has realised that the donations from family and friends are not enough. They were just a drop in the ocean. So her team has documented a video showing the ground reality hoping that it will encourage people to come forward and help.

Talking about the initiative, Raashii Khanna shares, "The ground reality of people suffering through the pandemic is heartbreaking. BeTheMiracle is my way of doing as much as I can for them. I am also blessed with a team that is brave enough to step out during the pandemic just to bring to you the reality of peoples’ suffering. It’s really bad out there for a lot of families and some of them are literally on the brink of starvation. I would really want people to open their hearts and donate because literally, every bit counts. It doesn’t have to be an exorbitant amount. We have to realise that we are all in this together and only together can we overcome these difficult times. And together we can be a miracle in someone’s life."

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