Gautham Karthik- Parthiban's mystery thriller Yutha Satham team's grand pre-release event!


Actor Radhakrishnan Parthiban and Gautham Karthik starrer Yutha Satham has created great expectations for various reasons. This is the first ever time, Director Ezhil is taking a leap into new domain mystery thriller. The film is written by Rajesh Kumar, one of the reigning Tamil crime novelists. The film is produced by Kallal Global Entertainment.

The event started with the screening of the film's trailer and songs.


Music Director D Imman said, "Its always a pleasure working with Ezhil sir. The entire process is very smooth and enjoyable. When Ezhil sir told me that he is planning to shift his gear from comedy capers to mystery thriller, I suggested that he does justice to the entire film. Of course, he has delivered a fabulous output. The entire film revolves around a new concept of illegal dope through sound, and we have given more importance to it. There are only two songs in this movie, but there was more scope for background score."

Actress Sai Priya said, "This is an emotional moment for me. While shooting for the film, I had complete guidance by director Ezhil sir. Parthiban sir is a positive person. I request everyone to support this movie and make it successful."

Actor Robo Shankar said, "I am more like a company artist of director Ezhil sir. I am confident that Yutha Satham is completely an alien to him. This os the first time, he is stepping out of comedy genre. Parthiban sir took additional efforts in sketching my characterization with lots of inputs. Although there is no humour, the body language and dialogue delivery of Parthipan sir itself will have humour. Our combination scenes will have fresh style of humour without affecting this genre of movie."

Nandha Kumar of Kallal Global Entertainment said, " The film has come out really well. Its based on new concept of war decibel, and will be definitely appreciated by audiences. I am really happy with the way, songs are composed, especially the one crooned by Sid Sriram."

Editor Gopikrishna said, "I saw the film recently, and D Imman has done a remarkable job with sound. The entire movie is set around the concept of sound decibel and it has shaped up very well."

Director RV Udhaykumar said, "I was surprised when Ezhil decided to make a movie like Yutha Satham . Then when I got to know Parthipan is playing the lead role, it was clear that he should have prompted him to do it, for he always tries to attempt something new in every movie."

RK Selvamani said, "Everything in this movie looks perfect, and the movie is going to be a great experience for the audiences. Director Ezhil is a great disciplinarian, and is a man of focus. It might not look he is there on the sets for he gives complete freedom to everyone on the sets. And when things slightly go out of the way, he would appear and make things right. Parthiban sir is a genius. Even his simple lines during conversation would have lots of meaning lying beneath. I am glad to see both of them are collaborating for this film. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this film."

Stunt director Kanal Kannan said, "When director Ezhil narrated the script, I was unclear about the prominence of stunts in this movie. However, after reading the last 20 mins, it gave me clear scope to establish my potential. The entire climax sequence was shot for 13 days, and I thank my producers for giving me creative freedom."

Director Ezhil said, "When I wanted to make a different pattern of movie from my previous ones, I was referred by my friend Naveen to go through the novel Yudha Satham penned by crime thriller novelist Rajesh Kumar. When I decided to make this film, I wanted to understand it's pattern.It was where Music Director D Imman came to the aid by suggesting me a reference of Hollywood movie Irreversible for one particular sound. The most challenging part was crafting the last 20 minutes of this film as it demanded so much of intense detailing and engrossing narration. The producers are going to make more movies after the success of Yutha Satham. Parthipan sir has been a delight to work with. I thank him for trusting my decision to step into new genre of work."

Director Susienthiran said, "Ezhil sir is captain cool, and he knows the knack of handling any pressure with aplomb nature. He is such a great mentor, and I have learnt a lot from him. Both Ezhil sir and Parthiban sir have different pattern of working, and together they have created a new magic in this movie."

Director-Actor Ravi Mariah said, "Director Ezhil is my mentor and it was he who gave rebirth to my career as comedian, and made me claim success. He is a real genius, who has made beautiful love stories and then came up with a sudden leap into new zone of comedy. He is now embarking on a new genre with Yutha Satham, and he is going to taste success again."

Actor Radhakrishnan Parthiban said, "I am a great fan of Rajesh Kumar sir crime novels, and Director Ezhil has made a movie based on one of the best novels. D Imman has delivered dope through his music. The entire process was a great pleasure to work with. I am confident that after the success of this movie, Kallal Global Entertainment will continue to make more movies. The confidence level of Ezhil sir is extraordinary as he gives credits to everyone who have contributed even little. He is going to scale great heights with this movie."

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