Film Review : Taanakkaran

 The Potential Studio's Vikram Prabhu starrer Taanakkaran co-starring Anjali Nair, Madhusudhan, Lal, MS Bhasker and others, dropped on Disney Hotstar on April 8th.

The film revolves around Arivu ( Vikram Prabhu) who fulfils his father's dream of being a cop and lands up at the police training school (PRS). There he finds that corruption and discrimination is rampant, with senior cops all part of the system.  Many others like him find their hopes getting quashed especially due to a tyrannical and vengeful trainer Eshwaramurthy, ( Lal) who represents the system which refuses to change.

When trainees die due to the harsh training aimed to break them,  Arivu rises to the occasion in a bid to break this system. Does he succeed?

Director Tamizh takes the viewer right into the lives of the trainees, showcasing their desperation to hang on to the job despite the inhuman treatment meted out. Watch out for the intro scene info on the formation of the police force by the British.

Vikram Prabhu plays the brave Arivu very credibly, having transformed himself into the character, infusing it with an angst ridden but  quiet dignity in the face of insurmountable obstacles. He excels in both the gruelling action scenes on the parade grounds as well in the emotional scenes where he makes you actually feel his pain.  Easily one of his best performances.

MS Bhasker, Lal, Madhusudhan, Bose and a host of actors are excellent as they all bring the story to life with their performances. Anjali Nair as a cop does her part well.

The movie is, raw,  high on emotion and minces no words when it talks about the brutal practices within the  system via the various characters. The raw landscape, where the police training school is set, captured in earthy tones by the cameraman,  reflects well the barren and hopeless situation many of them find themselves in. The climax scenes are gripping making for superb visuals as well.

On the flip side, the repeated showing of violence, doesnt elicit a pained response from the viewer after a while.  

A hard hitting, intense cop story with a difference, sans the usual screen heroics, kudos to the makers for exploring a  different kind of subject. The postive message at the end, a glimmer of hope,  is like a whiff of fresh air. 

Rating  3.75 / 5

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