Film Review : Don

 Lyca Productions' Cibi Chakravarthy's Sivakarthikeyan starrer, Don, released worldwide in theatres today. 

Chakravarthy ( Sivakartikeyan at his entertaining best) wants to defy his autocratic father ( Samudrakani) and thus is determined to rebel at the engineering college his dad pushes him to join.  He is still searching for what he actually wants to do in life.  There, sparks fly between this self-styled  college Don and a strict faculty member, played by SJ Suryah. What happens when the going gets rough between these two? Does Chakravarthy's relationship with his father undergo any change? Does he end up finding what he wants to do in life?

With ample romance, ( Pretty Priyanka Mohan is the charming heroine), humor and sentiment, the film makes for an all round family entertainer. 

The scenes with Soori are grab attention while Shivangi, Muniskanth, Kaali Venkat, Mirchi Vijay and Bala Saravanan make up rest of the ensemble cast.

The scenes between livewire performer SJ Suryah and Sivakartikeyan are most engaging, while Sivakartikeyan with  his trademark jolly antics ensures ample fun all through.

The school and college scenes are bound to stir up nostalgia.

There is however a tad larger dose of sentiment bordering on melodrama in some scenes. The film  deals with father-son relationships seeking to explore the other side of the coin,  on why some father's  are such strict disciplinarians. The film also touches upon how society imposes a strong value on education that pressurises youngsters.

Anirudh's chartbusters and the vibrant camerwork by KM Bhaskaran are big pluses. Editing could have been a bit crisper in a few scenes.

Overall, a good mass family entertainer neatly packaged with Sivakatikeyan's charming screen presence, an engaging ensemble cast, high on emotions, humor and romance, bound to appeal to both youth and family audiences. 

Rating 3.5 / 5

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