Film Review: Nadhi

 Nadhi starring Sam Jones and Anandhi is directed by Thamarai Selvan. The music is by Dhibu Ninan Thomas  while Mas Cinemas produces.

The movie,  is centred around  2 young college students in Madurai,  Tamizh ( Sam Jones) an auto driver's  ( Munishkanth) son and Bharathi (Anandhi) a politician's (Karu Palaniappan) daughter, who fall in love. But amidst their dreams of a bright future together,  caste and status related issues crop up and create havoc in their lives. Do the duo get over the problems created in their lives, to fulfil their dreams?

The lead cast have done their bit convincingly (and Anandhi's performance especially  stands out) as have the supporting cast members like Munishkanth, Karu Palaniappan, Mic Set Sriram Kodangi Vadivel and others. Dhibu's music adds to the atmosphere of the film while the camerawork adds value with its well composed frames.

The downsides could be said to be the villainous portrayal given to the supporting actors like Vela Ramamurthy, A Venkatesh and others which seems a tad stereotypical. The disruptive side of caste-based mind set which has a negative impact on lives is brought out by the debutant director. But the screenplay could have been handled a notch or two more interestingly to be more engaging.

Overall, a message conveyed with a mix of romance, emotions and twists, with a good cast and crew as pillars of support.

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