Film Review: Diary

 The Arulnithi starrer, Diary, directed by debutant Innasi Pandiyan and produced by S Kathiresan, released in theatres today, on 26th Aug.

Arulnithi plays Varadhan, a rookie cop who is on a decade old case of murder and theft.  For this,  he travels to Udhagamandalam where he is helped by the local police force.  During the investigation he chances upon a mysterious intercity bus that maybe carrying the suspected criminals. But when he enters the bus and embarks on the journey, a series of mysterious events take place. Does he manage to solve the case? Where does this journey take him? Who are the occupants of this bus?

Diary is a supernatural thriller that keeps you on edge with  many twists that last right till the end. The story is intriguing and the screenplay is both racy and unpredictable for the most part. Each member is the cast has been chosen with care and when all of them do their bit to perfection, it elevates the watching experience

 Arulnithi is extremely convincing  as the tall, athletic, intelligent, sincere and diligent cop who packs a mean punch when needed and uses both brain and brawn in equal measure. He also excels in the emotional scenes.  Diary is one more sound script he has chosen and he brings Varadhan to life with a subtle but impactful performance, easily in the list of his career bests.

The BGM by Ron Ethan Yohann is a huge plus  and the songs too are pleasant and well picturused. The camerawork of Aravinnd Singh deserves special mention as does the editing by SP Raja Sethupathi and action by Phantom Pradeep, especially the scenes in the moving bus.
It is commendable that despite the story being filmed in a bus for a large part, monotony does not set in. The choice of the hill station setting adds to the appeal of the film. 

The romance portions are well conceptualised and blend in with the story without distracting from the plot. 

The dialogues are crisp and the ease with which  emotions, thrills, chills, humor, pathos and suspense  are all blended together in a refreshing storyline, make Diary an engaging, enjoyable and riveting  watch. 

Rating 3.75/ 5

Pavithra Marimuthu
Shah Ra
Ajay Rathnam
Soniya suresh
Hosur Madheswaran
Selam Pugazhenthi
Chennai Ekon
Alponse Jeyabalan
Karthick Ramasamy
Parajuna Sara
Surendra Thakur.
Suraj Popz
Sathish Kannan
Dhanam (Nakkalitles) 
Ranjana Nachiyar
Udhay kumar

Writer &  Director Innasi Pandiyan 
Producer  S.Kathiresan 
Co-Producer Sekar Babu 
D.O.P Aravind singh 
Music Ron Ethan Yohann 
Editor S.P.Raja Sethupathi 
Action Director Phantom Pradeep  
Art  Raju 
Lyricst Gnana Karavel 
Playback Singers Ron Ethan Yohann Vandana Srinivasan 
Choreography Sri Krish 
Viji sathish 
Costume Designer Meenakshi Sridhar 
Costumer Muruganandham 
Make up Vinoth Sugumaran 
Setting master Ramalingam Meshtri 
Stills Ameer 
Sound Mixing Suren.G 
Sound design S.Azhagiya Koothan Suren.G 
Colorist  Infinity Media 
Shanmuga Pandian.M 
Dubbing engineer Knack Studo 
G.Kodhandam.Bsc.D.F.Tech Vignesh Guru 
VFX Sky high VFX Studio 
Ray Max Studio 
Accel Media 
Vfx Supervisor  Monish.H  Surendhar.G 
PRO Suresh Chandra 
Rekha D’one 
Public Designer Pradhool.N.T 
Production coordinators Mohan Krishna Moorthy M.Rajendran 


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