Film Review: Drama

Drama, a uniquely made Single Shot feature film directed by Aju Kizhumala released in 23rd September in theatres.

The events take place inside a small town police station, where a cop's girlfriend  (Kavya Bellu) is determined to celebrate her birthday by cutting a cake there,  in the presence of all the cops, despite the protests of her boyfriend. A young eloping couple also arrive, seeking protection at around the same time. 

But,  in a sudden turn of events, a senior cop ( Charlie) is found murdered during a black out during the cake cutting. Thereafter, there is panic and pandemonium all around. A Senior official (Kishore), arrives to find out the truth. Who is the culprit and how does he find him or her?
The actors have played their parts well, even though there are a few scenes of over- acting  and comedy that doesnt work,  as in the scenes with the electrician and the guy in the lock-up. It is never explained why the man in jail is not kept under lock and key and how he manages to come and go at will.  The plot twist is touted to be a  big reveal towards the end. But does the reason cited for the murder seem justified? 

Watching a single shot film that too in the confines of one location requires lot of patience. But the team manage to keep things going with events happening in different parts of the police station, keeping the cameraman on his toes.

Kishore adds gravitas to the scenes with his voice, body language and presence. There are twists in the thriller as the story unravels and the reason for the title is finally explained.  

The screenplay displays a lag in the beginning with dashes of so-called humor which seem to jar a bit, but once the story picks up it moves forward steadily. Though the film is a thriller,  it doesnt elicit that sense of urgency in the viewer, due largely to the continued banter of dialogues between characters, with hardly any pauses.

A good attempt at a single shot film reflecting well co-ordinated team work  deserves kudos for the effort.  But a tad  more focus could have been put on improved dialogues, character arcs and suspense elements. 


கிஷோர்  குமார்
ஜெய் பாலா
வின்சென்ட்  நகுல்
வினோத்  முன்னா
காவ்யா  பெல்லு
மரியா  பிரின்ஸ்
ப்ரீத்தி  ஷா  பிரேம்குமார்  
விஜயலட்சுமி R


திரைக்கதை ,இயக்கம்  - அஜூ  கிழுமலா  
படத்தொகுப்பு - அகில்  அலியாஸ்
ஒளிப்பதிவு - ஷினோஸ்
இசை - பிஜிபால்  
பாடல் வரிகள்- ஏகாதசி .K
ஒப்பனை -பினு  அஜய்
DI  - சுஜித்  சதாசிவன்  
VFX  - சபரீஷ்  பாலசுப்ரமணியன்
மக்கள் தொடர்பு - பரணி அழகிரி , திருமுருகன்

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