Film Review : YUGI

Uan Film House's Yugi directed by  Zac Hariss, hits  theatres on Nov 18th.

Detective Nandakumar ( Narain Ram) is in search of a girl (Kayal Anandhi) at the request of a senior cop Purushottaman  (Pratap Pothen). She ( Kayal Anandhi) is his second wife's daughter and he e wants to know what harm has befallen her.  Sami ( Natty) a politico's henchman is in search of Purushottaman in an idol smuggling case.  A suspended cop Rajkumar (Kathir) joins Nandakumar's team in his search. He has a disabled wife ( Pavithra lakshmi) at home whom he looks after with care.
In this melee of characters is an ageing star (John Vijay) and a doctor ( Vinodini) who harbour a devious secret and know more than they let on,  about the the missing girl everyone is in search of. 

As the story proceeds and several twists emege, nothing is what it seems on the surface and the mystery deepens. Who is the missing girl and what happened to her? Several people are being shot. By whom and why?

The thriller is fast paced, slowly building up momentum, as each of the  characters are introduced. But as the story proceeds it picks up more speed in the second half with interesting and unexpected twists in the tale.There is an attempt at humor in a few places.
On the flip side, there are a few scenes not for the faint hearted and the constant similar dialogues (for instance " yaar nee?") get a tad repetitive after a while. .  The leads seem to be constantly in and out of vehicles,or driving them around which seems repetitive as the narration proceeds.
Kathir, Natty, Narain, Anandhi, Athmeeya, John Vijay  and  Vinodhini make their presence felt with good performances.
The bgm adds to the momentum and a romantic montage is pleasant to watch.
The film lives up to its title putting the viewer's  grey cells to work to resolve the mystery.

Overall, Yugi makes you think hard as the mystery deepens and throws in unexpected  twists to keep the  thrills coming and ties up the loose ends neatly towards the last 20 minutes nailbiting climax.

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