Film Review: Bommai Nayagi

 Pa Ranjith 's Neelam Productions' Bommai Nayagi is director Shan's debut film which hit screens on feb 3rd, starring Yogi Babu.

Yogi Babu plays the affectionate father of a little girl  named Bommai Nayagi (Srimathi) and works at a tea stall. Though life is tough, he manages to pull along, till one day tragedy strikes. His 9 year old daughter is molested by 2 grown up drunkards. The distraught dad takes the help of his step brother ( Arul Doss) a devious politico who only shields the perpetrators. But help comes for the distraught parents in the form of an activist (Hari Krishna) who helps them get justice through the courts. Does the child overcome the trauma? Do the parents get justice?

The story highlights the prevalent issue of child abuse and offers a ray of hope for the innocent and powerless, in the way the proceedings are shown and how the court case  is conducted. Some loopholes  the powerful take advantage of, which also take a toll on hapless victims, is equally highlighted. The helplessness of the underprivileged in the fight for justice is well brought out.

Yogi Babu is very convincing as the doting dad and carries off the emotional scenes well.  The child actor is extremely talented, bringing out both her  innocence and intelligence at the same time. A specially moving scene is when the child asks the judge what it would take for her to become one as well. The entire supporting cast of Lizzy Antony, GM Kumar, Subrata, SS Stanley, Rockstar Ramani  and others add with their realistic performances.

The raw nativity of the village setting is brought out well and assumes a character of its own, highlighting that such crimes take place even in the most tightly knit social settings and remote locations.

Sundaramurthy KS' music elevates the film while Athisayaraj's camera brings the rural surroundings to life.

Watch out for the twist towards the end. For dircector Shan its a good debut film with a strong social message.

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