Film Review: Kodai

 Director Raajaselvam's Kodai starring Singamuthu's son Karthick Singa, hit theatres on Feb 10th.

The film is set in the Kodai hills where a youth (Karthick ) falls in love with a girl (Anaya). He spends most of the screen time wooing her in different ways, some of which are supposed to be entertaining due to the presence of several comedians like Singamuthu, Robot Shankar and others.  

In the midst of all this,  comes a villain with a scam (AM Rathnam) who is cheating people of their money. What happens when the hero inadvertantly gets involved into his scheme?

The movie seems to take you back to the 80's in its style, art direction and making and the story doesnt really engage. The dialogues hardly create any impact.

However, the backdrops are colorful and the hilly areas look lush and are pleasant to watch. 

Though the lead cast looks good and have tried to give their best though let down by writing that could have been better. 


Karthick Singa
Robo Shankar
Ajay Ratnam
Bose Venkat
Scissor Manohar, Crane Manohar, Anand Babu, Vincent Roy, K.R.Vijaya, Nalini, Vaishali Thaniga, Jeevitha, Karate Raja, Meesai Rajendran, Simbu Thoufiq
Production Banner : SS Pictures Written And Directed By Raajaselvam Music: Subash Kavi Dop: Arjunan Karthick Editor: G.Sasikumar Art: K.M.Nanthakumar Choreography: Dinesh, Radhika Stunts: Phoenix Prabu Costumes: P.Rengasamy Makeup: P.S.Kuppusamy Stills: Mohan Production Executive: M.Balamurugan Pro: Sathish Aim Publicity Design: Reddot Pawan Co Produced by: Dr.S.Pandi Durai

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