Film Review : Naan Kadavul Illai

 Director  SA Chandrasekar's Naan Kadavul Illai hits theatres today on Feb 3rd.

Samuthirakani plays an upright CB CID division cop whose family comes into danger when a dangerous criminal Veerappan ( Saravanan) escapes jail and is out to seek revenge on him and anyone who was involved in convicting him.  He is aided by another cop ( Sakshi Agarwal). 

In a parallel track is an old man who gets called Kadavul ( SAC) after he anonymously starts helping people. 

What is the connection of all these characters? How do their paths intertwine? Does the  cop get to apprehend the blood thirsty criminal on time?

Samuthirakani plays his part to perfection as the super cop and the family man.  The family scenes, are well captured with Ineya,well cast as his wife. 

Sakshi plays  a cop who packs a mean punch and has done very well in the action scenes,  lending credibility to them. But the alluring attire she is in,  in such scenes makes you wonder if that was really necessary.

SAC fits the part of  the magnanimous helping, 'Kadavul' character and the actors assisting him are well chosen. 

The film is a blood bath with very gory scenes which are repeatedly shown to emphasize how crazed the villain is.  Beheaded bodies, dead kids, family shootouts and the like fill the screen making it difficult to watch after a while.  Saravanan's continuity issue with a stuck- on beard in several scenes is distracting.

The special cops team with  all their fancy gadgets seem totally inept intracking the criminal who is way ahead of them, planning his next killing spree. More time is spent on emotional scenes than in actual investigative work.

The film has an overall 80's feel to it. Watchable only for fans of overly violent action films. 

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